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Cheap Reliable Registra


i'm searching for a cheap reliable and great support registra... i know of godaddy as one of the big guns but i'm just curious to know if there's other cheaper ones... i want to regiter a dot com domain and i'm hoping to purchase one soon together with (hopefully) the availability of my hosting package here


Of course you can simply purchase your domain name at Xisto too, have a look at the prices when you will be browsing the "orders" menu.


cheers yordan... awesome


There are few things you need to know about godaddy. Though they may appear cheap at first but they're not for long term. they only offer cheap registration for the first yaer and after that they charge you more than the amount to cover the earlier cost. Also many times they don't let you transfer the domain name to any other registrar. If you fail to pay for the cost of domain renewal then they take over your domain and charge heavily for whoever buys that domain. So overall that cost is going to be high for buyer. Many times godady staff purchases alternative domain of your earlier domain and threatens you with patent or some copyright stuff. They're quite popular for this type of deception. You can check nodaddy.com for such horror stories of godaddy. If you want to avoid all this then better to go with namecheap.com site. They dont track your site wide searching as well so they're quite safe for you to check your pending or untaken domain names. Other than namecheap, you can use gossimer which charges similar rate to that of xisto. they also accept alertpay, liberty reserve, webmoney for the transactions. I like gossimer because i can use alertpay on their site and that way i can take my money to domain registrar just like paypal. I do have some other names in my notepad. I can reply some other time if i get that names for cheap registration.


cheers starscream for the headsup... i've registered a domain with luckyregister.com, i have used godaddy for a couple of years sometime ago just for domain registration and domainsarefree.com, had some issue with domainsarefree.com as they keep sending me hosting promotions when i opted out of their newsletter mail system at the beginning...


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