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What Are Your Important Websites? the most liked websites of the internet.


what are your most important websites?like google to find websites.like youtube to watch videos.like wikipedia to find information.like a newspaper website to find news.like a forum to find and distribute information and opinions.like your own website because it is the best of the internet.


My search engine:Obviously Google. Sometimes I use bing as well.My video site:YoutubeMy file sharing site:easy-share.comMy forum and info sharing site:Xisto.comMy email clients:Gmail and YahooMy social networking site:FacebookMy money making site:Helium, hubpagesMy own website:http://www.mananatomy.com/


The main websites I use are Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo/Gmail, and Reddit. There are also a few forums that I visit every now and then and a few other sites which I use for homework/playing games.

grim reaper1666

my most important sites are http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/home.html for the updates on the back to the future hill valley mod. google as my search engine along with yahoo to double check the results. Xisto.com because i like this site and is useful for computer problems so thats a really good thing. megaupload.com as a good file sharing host along with megavideo.com to watch videos. youtube.com to find realy funny videos. wikipedia to find infomation on what i am wondering how something works or who did something that kind of thing.


http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ duh!

grim reaper1666

oh yeah, and facebook.com for checking every few weeks, and for palying mob wars on you can't forget that. hotmail.com for my emails and spam deletion and somethings spam forwarding to people who insult me or somethings spam from one spammer to another spammer. microsoft support to ask stupid questions and see if i get any sort of a reply. dan-ball.jp/en for some great web games. vivalagames.com for the same sorta thing.


The most important websites that I visit are probably:Facebook - Keeping in touch with friends and family :)YouTube - Listening to tons of music covers and other things.New Eden - A Minecraft Private Server that I am active in.NeoBux - A PTC site that I go toOnBux - Another PTC that I go toMail - Checking Out the Daily Digest for kKS and AstaHostAstaHost/Xisto - Google - Search Engine


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