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Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Beta Is Available!


a new ubuntu release is always a matter of interest for linux enthusiasts and i am no exception. i'm no expert in linux and i'm not a developer either. i'm just a user who's excited with every new release and wants to try it out as soon as possible. so when i heard that the beta version of ubuntu 10.10 was out, i rushed to the ubuntu site to grab a copy and am typing this thread to pass the time while the file is being downloaded there's no major change this time (like the 10-second boot time that was introduced in the previous version) but there are a bunch of upgrades to already existing features, which should make it interesting. the first big change one can expect to notice is the new installer, which relies heavily on graphical appeal. i saw this in a video on youtube, and the rest of the install process seemed to be the same. after reaching the desktop, you'll probably find no change at all! the default wallpaper (which i usually change within 10 seconds after the first run) seems to have gotten some orange colour in it, and apart from that there's no big change in the theme.since this is still the beta, there are bound to be some issues with it. for example in the video, rhythmbox crashed while trying to close it, and gwibber couldn't add a twitter account (this has been mentioned in the ubuntu page as well - it will work after some updates). one interesting update is that when you run rhythmbox, there are sound controls and playback controls available from the volume control button on the top panel. so you need not open the player everytime you want to change the track or something like that. i am waiting to try and see whether this works only for rhythmbox or for other players like vlc as well.another change is the redesign of the ubuntu software center. this was introduced in 9.10 and its design was changed in 10.04, and now it is changed again. as soon as you open it, you can see some featured apps on the home page which might interest you. another interesting change here is the addition of the "software to purchase" section. software for linux has almost always been free, but anyone will tell you that if you're looking for top-quality software, then you have to pay for it. but unfortunately, all the software developers haven't ported their software because they think linux users won't pay for their software. so it seems ubuntu software center is all set to change that. i hope software developers will start producing linux versions of their software as well so that they can sell it through ubuntu software center.In 10.04, the GIMP was missing, and in this version, along with GIMP, F-Spot has been removed too. I guess it's not a big matter since they can be installed within minutes, but users without internet connections might find it a bit irritating. i think ubuntu is thinking that all of their users must have good access to the internet because so many things about it are dependent on an internet connection. well after giving so many advantages, i guess this is jut one small disadvantage!oops, looks like i talked about it a lot - but what to do - the download is going on slowly. i think i better stop here because i don't want to say more without trying out the system myself. i'll install it in virtualbox and give a review and post it here so that if anyone is interested () they can have a peek at it.


i don't want to say more without trying out the system myself.

I would say that the only interesting point in your topic is to know if you tried it and if you see the difference compared to the previous version.
If you did not try it yet, I really see no interest reading your topic.


I would say that the only interesting point in your topic is to know if you tried it and if you see the difference compared to the previous version.If you did not try it yet, I really see no interest reading your topic.

Well at least the topic gives some information about what's new in the latest version. I searched and there wasn't any topic regarding Maverick Meerkat yet. And as I said I shall post a more meaningful topic after I try it out myself. I'm downloading the DVD iso through torrent (there isn't a torrent for the CD image yet ) so it's taking a lot of time for the download to be over.


I'm not really interested in running it until they have a stable version. I'm running Lucid at the moment and there are still a few bugs that need to be worked out.


Ubuntu 10.10 is coming out on October 10...I'll be waiting for it also and try to install again...


i'm wait the stable version


The release candidate has been released just recently and has got some decent reviews. I've been running the beta till now and haven't found any major problems except that Gwibber doesn't work with Twitter yet I hope that is solved in the final stable release, which is coming out on 10th October Just eight more days to go and hopefully 10.10 will get a 10/10 for its features!


I got it and will try to install first on VBox... They say, Maverick release is 10 out of 10... Sounds great...


Please switch to topic http://forums.xisto.com/topic/97799-topic/?findpost=
If the final release is available, no more interest discussing about the beta version...


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