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windows 7 restarts by itself Windows Restarts Itself Out Of The Blue


windows 7 restarts by itselfWindows Restarts Itself Out Of The Blue

I have windows 7 ultimate operating system

my computer restarts after approximately 2 hours especially when downloading or installing.

sometimes it doesn't start easily

please help


-question by asif



I had a similar problem with my windows and odly enough the solution was to clean the RAMs from dust. Actually I have to use a blower from time to time to clean the whole computer.


Probably a BSOD which triggers an auto-reboot.Open the start menu, right-click on "Computer" and choose "Properties". In the window that opens, click on "Advanced System Settings". Now in the "Startup and recovery" part, click on settings. There, uncheck "Automatically Restart".Next time your system fails, you'll get a BSOD with an error code (style 0x000007FABD). Googl'ing this error code should give you some info. If it's not clear, feel free to post the error code here


Ha-Ha, thanks, Wutske. I also have "Automatically Restart" on my Windows7 system, I will uncheck it next time I have a strange behaviour.


Hello I have a solution, I hope this will help you out. So let's start,not so hard.Note-(Time Required: Disabling the Automatic Restart option in Windows 7 usually takes less than 10 minutes)Step by step---1. Click on the Start button and then on Control Panel.Tip: In a hurry? Type system in the search box after clicking Start. Choose System under the Control Panel heading in the list of results and then skip to Step 4.2. Click on the System and Security link.Note: If you're viewing the Small icons or Large icons view of Control Panel, you won't see this link. Simply double-click on the System icon and proceed to Step 4.3. Click on the System link.4. In the task pane on the left, click the Advanced system settings link.5. Locate the Startup and Recovery section near the bottom of the window and click on the Settings button.6. In the Startup and Recovery window, locate and uncheck the check box next to Automatically restart.7. Click OK in the Startup and Recovery window.8. Click OK in the System Properties window.9. You can now close the System window.10. From now on, when a problem causes a BSOD or another major error that halts the system, Windows 7 will not force a reboot. You'll have to reboot manually when an error appears.Thanks


Thanks, Sas27sh

By the way, doesn't this strangely look similar to the wutske trick?


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