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Connect To Another Internet Connection


Is it possible to connect to my internet which is at my home while i'm at my girlfriends place to somehow spend my own home bandwidth instead of spending hers?she has internet connection with which she has to pay per every 5GB's while i have flat internet connectionThanks...Eggie


What sort of internet connection does she have Eggie?If it's dial up, you create on your computer a dial in server but I doubt this is what she has.If it's DSL, then it's not a cheap alternative but not hard either. You have to ask your Telco to install dry copper pair lines (in which a lot of Telco's will refuse to do it and say it's unavailable because of the things you can do, like giving away free internet to others all sharing off the one connection). Also you both need to be with the same Telco as well. There's different lines to ask for, the cheapest I know of is one that they use for an alarm, even if you don't have an alarm, just try to get it.That's not the expensive part, the expensive part would be getting a modem that sends/receives the signal over the dry copper pair (similar to how ISPs work with your phone line). However this setup makes for excellent LAN games between the two computers as you should be able to theoretically get the maximum speed of your line without being limited by the Telco nor be charged for bandwidth as you're in complete control of the line. Though you do have a monthly fee with it.Those are the options you can take, however if she's using a lot of GBs, then it's probably better to go for a better plan.Cheers,MC


You can imagine to remotely connect to your computer (using vnc or remote desktop) while being at your girlfried place, , use your computer to download the things, then when back to your home put the files on a USB key.


Well this question could be true for a lot of people. It depends how far you house (your parents) and your gf's house is geographically separated. If you are within 10 miles of each other and there are not that many obstructions within the line of site of say your roof's (top of house, apts, etc.) then it could be possible.Just setup a building to building wireless system. Part's are getting cheaper now days. You could look into a system with - an 802.11a/g setup with some external powered directional antennas 3-5db should be fine.Setup the two routers as multi-point access points (ap), setup ip/network address, security credentials, then setup your ap to route traffic to your ISP default gateway. Then setup any 802.11b/n network at her place.She should connect to the 802.11b/n network using wireless or ethernet copper and should be connected to your network via the wireless bridge to access your ISP's Internet connection. You can even instant message, and web cam, etc. both houses.She can then drop her 5GB/month service to save some money. The building to building wireless system should cost under $500 USD, depending on what kind of antennas you use.hope this helps


nice...thanks for the ideas,but i think i will use remote connection and do it like that,that seems best way...500$ are too much for that if you ask me so i won't do it like that,but it is good to know that there is some other way ;)Thanks...Eggie


Now you will have to do something in order to make the remote connexion working. You will have at least to understand if your friend's PC has a fixed IP address, and which one (private or public), but these are details easy to solve.


we both have dynamic ip's...i think there is a way to always send my ip to a site which i can read it from at my girlfriends place...so thats how i can do it i think ;)can you please suggest something which can help me in doing this ??Thanks...Eggie


we both have dynamic ip's...i think there is a way to always send my ip to a site which i can read it from at my girlfriends place...
so thats how i can do it i think
can you please suggest something which can help me in doing this ??


I suggest http://www.noip.com/

Create a FREE hostname to point to your dynamic IP

It worked fine for me. You choose a nice hostname, let's say "eggie.ftpserver.com" (you choose in a list) , and then you ask vnc to go to this address.And it's free, of course.
You have prog on your PC, which sees your dynamic IP and automatically sends it to the DNS server which will translate the eggie.ftpserver.com address to reach your PC from anywhere. If you don't wat this any more, simply stop the process on your PC.


ohhh...nice,i saw this site once,but it did not interest me at that time,and in the mean time,i forgot about it...thank you for remembering me of this site(program).i will do that and try sorting it out ...this will really help me ;)did any of you ever done that or see other people do it on their PC's?which application should i use to do it?should i use windows default application to do it?and how can i say to my PC which is at home while i am at my girlfriends house not to remote connect to any other connection but mine???'password?


There are several ways to do that.

You connect to http://www.noip.com/ and you choose a name, let's say eggie.ftp.com and you download a small software, which you will install on your standard windows system.

This software will make your PC be known as eggie.ftp.com.


Now, let's suppose that you use vnc.

Just start learning how to install it and use it in simple cases.

You install it, and you ask him to accept incoming connections with a given password.

Do it from another PC in your house (like a laptop on the same router). You access your PC by it's local name, or by it's IP address.

Then go outside your house, open vnc, and as computer name you give eggie.ftp.com

If nothing in your house blocks the incoming connection, this will work.


Instead of vnc, you can use Microsoft Terminal Server, but it's less easy to configure, so first of all try with the free version of vnc.

Concerning which full set of softwares you need : For vnc, on your PC you need to install the vnc server.

On your girlfriend pc, you need the vnc client executable, which is simply a small file you put anywhere (including on your usb flashdisk).


I take back the $500 dollar statement. Just go to your 2nd hand thrift store, goodwill, or even ebay. Look up 1) Linksys Routers - WRT### (# different model numbers) and make a purchase on two identical sets, while your at it see if you can find a 2) wireless antenna cable which is compatible with you Linksys router and and 3) wireless directional antenna thats uses your cable.Setup both devices at each location, remove existing antennas, connect antenna cables and your directional antennas. Point the antennas at each other (toward each house). Login to the ipaddress of your access linksys point/router. Find the firmare upload page. Then Google "Linksys Tomatoe firmware" download and follow instructions to install it.You will eventually replace the firmware, log back into the linksys device and setup the access points as multipoint/bridge functionality and modify the IP addresses to something like 192.168.64.x (x = any number 1-254, but seperate for each device.) You should then be able to see the other access point. Your ISP can do the DHCP settings for both computers. You should be able to chat, video, message, play games, transfer files, remote desktop, vnc or what you want to do online or offline cause you essentially have a wireless LAN. So don't forget to setup some security. The tomato or linksys documentation should explain some options.The materials could be acquired all for under $100.00. I'm thinking the cables and antennas might be higher than the actual device themselves.Hope this helps some more,levimage


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