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Flight Simulator X When???


Hi everyone!Does anyone know when will be avaiable Flight simulator X?Specially, I'd like to know, when it will come to europe, or better, in italy...


Im pretty sure you can download it off the enternet right now. It just takes a long time. But in my opionion its worth the wait and the space.


Its around 800mb and i have very limited bandwith but thats besides the point here is the link to microsofts download page. Also they have it in Italian if thats your native language.


Ok, I've downloaded and installed the trial yet, but my question was about the COMPLETE game..Tanx


A little off topic, but I still have MS flight simulator 1.0 for DOS on a 5.25" real floppy floppy disc. My last flight sim is Falcon 4.0: Allied Assualt or whatever it's called. I play it on my new iMac that I used Bootcamp to get XP to install. (It's an Intel iMac). I saw it at Gamestop last night when I was looking for used PS2 games. (why spend full price...)


(countinuing off-topic...)Falcon4:Allied Force...Yes, great sim but only military flight...I much prefere FS...


(getting back on topic..)Flight Simulator was always a great game. FS X was around 1GB and i recommend it to anyone following the FS series. This game once inspired me to become a pilot (i know how to fly), but other sources convinced me otherwise.


I enjoy the flight simulator games, I just find they are too repetitive, each game is similar to the last. They only add more planes and locations but the rest of the game feels so similar to the last!Well, thats what I think anyway!


its out here in america. but i would like to know if anyone has played it, i have been interested in it but dont want to spend $60 on it and be dissapointed


@artifestoM$ Flight Simulator is not worth $60. Flight Simulator X is just about as bad as the previous Flight Simulator (i forgot what version it is). They've added more planes and locations and they've made the graphics better. However, I just don't like Flight Simulator X and its price tag makes it a bigger ripoff.


I picked up Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 right before they released FS X in hopes that I could get a decent price on it (prices drop on older software when they're trying to push the new stuff). I am slightly disappointed. 2004 is no different than 2002, with the above mentioned addition of some planes. I know there's only so much they can do with flight sims, but sheesh, they're just milking the users of profits.Looking at Flight Sim X, I heard the graphics were a whole lot better, but took up a lot of CPU resources in the process, and people weren't impressed.I think what they need to do is increase the realism in location based damage... I know they don't want to encourage people flying into buildings, but it would be a lot cooler if you hit a duck flying in the air and having your rudder stick than having the simulation automatically end and freeze when some damage occurs.


I just got the flight simulator x not long ago. So far it looks ok but it is a pretty big file. It comes on 2 DVDs and here are the specs for it. RAM:Windows xp sp2 - 256 MBWindows Vista - 512 MBProzessor:1.0 GHzHarddrive: 15 GBOnline/Multiplayer:56.6 Kbps or moreCompatible with DirectX9What you need for sound:Hardware and Soundcard with Speakers and/or HeadphonesGrafic card:DirectX 9.0c compatible grafic card with 32 MB RAM and Compatibilty for Hardware transformation and light effectIt is pretty easy to fly, you can use a joystick, mouse, keyboard or Xbox 360° Controller for Windows. It has a some airplanes, helicopters, gliders and etc.. to fly. As far as I know there is one update so far and there are a few other bugs that they are working on. There are plenty of other extras but to many to list here. As far as paying around $70 for I do not know yet if it is really worth it. Luckily I won it in a contest, so I did not have to pay for it. I can not understand how a game can cost almost the same price as a OS. I miss the days of $15 to $30 games. Hope the information helped. Bye


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