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  1. Hi everyone. I have a few questions about Visual Basic.Net. Its nothing complex, just a few problems with syntax!1. First, how do you change a labels text color? I have tried messing around with forecolor etc but cant quite seem to get it right!2. Also, Id like to put a return in a label to use multiple lines of text. Something like <br> from html3. How do I include other classes? Do I use inherit?4. Lastly, how do I include math functions? Something like #include <math.css> from CPPThanks in advance for the help!
  2. This is a very good tutorial! It explains everything so even inexperienced people will understand! And there's lots of things that even experienced people might not know.Good job!
  3. Thank you for your replies. I read the article by microscopic^earthling and found it most informative and I will keep a lot of what he said in mind when I build my sites.He explains how it is important to keep your content relevant and to use the ad filters effectively!Also, I noticed an ad from "AuctionAds" on microscopic^earthling's site. Does anyone know anything about this?
  4. Thanks. I actually found W3Schools just the other day. It seems to have great tutorials! I will start with them soon!Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know how much Adsense pays?I know it all depends on how many click throughs you get and what country they come from but does anyone have an idea of approximately how much I could expect?Thanks
  6. HelloThank you for your post. I found it very interesting. I have been saving money for a while now and I thought maybe I should use it to start up a Web Design company. Your post fuelled that idea and now Im quite keen.I know how to use HTML and can do basic Cascading Style Sheets. I can also write basic scripts in PHP. I also stil have a whole file on advanced PHP that Im going to go through.You spoke alot about addons. What are addons? Are you talking about things like shopping carts and message boards etc?Also, do you know of a good tutorial to learn Java scripting?
  7. I love Starcraft. Its stil a great game to play! The best place to play online is BattleNet. There are many good players there but there are also many average players there that can provide good opposition to newer players. Remember, sometimes its not about winning the game but rather learning new tactics from your opponent and experimenting for with your own tactics.But the best thing to do is just practise, practise, practise!
  8. I agree, there were many improvements made to the siege units in Age of Empires 2. Although the annoying fact remains... The siege units stil fire further than towers. So everytime the someone attacks you have to get some units and trot out to kill them. Or lure them closer to your towers. Although it was nice that the catapults stopped firing near your soldiers!
  9. The links dont seem to work! Nice tutorial. Explains things very well!
  10. GMail all the way! I think it is the best free Email Service!
  11. I got Madden 2007 recently and Im really enjoying it! Although I have not played it as much as I would have liked! Im stil in my first season! Although the matches take a while! I play with 5 minutes a half.Anyone else play?What levels do you play on?
  12. Im back into Dungeon Siege II. I had actually forgoten how much fun the game is!I relly enjoy building up my characters and getting them to hign levels!I also have the Broken World Expansion. The extra act is great! And the updates are usefull! I especially like the fact that you can have 4 autocast spells!Does anyone know if there are more expansions? Or Dungeon Siege III?
  13. Has anyone tried Madden 07? I want to buy it but I want to hear other peoples opinions first. Im a big fan of gridiron games. Ive played Madden 95, 99, 02 and 04 but they seem out of date now so I think its time to update my collection.I appreciate all your comments!
  14. Virtual Reality Soccer, now theres an idea!And then they could make VR gridiron football!
  15. Sweet one! Not that a noisy drive is a problem, its just nice to know things are always being improved on!
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