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Lucas Arts Games dont you just love them


HelloHow many of you here are fans of old Lucas Arts games? I can't really remember many of their titles right now, but I simply LOVE Day of the Tentacles and the whole Monkey Island series. They are long, they look great and they are simply hilarious!


I loved monkey island and the Xwing Series. They were fun games during the day.Personally, if they redid the Xwing series or created some new titles, I'd buy them. The Space combatsim genere's been dead pretty much since Freespace 2.


I think they are making Monkey Island 5, and I think it's supposed to be the last one '=/ You know, I have no idea what kind of games they are making these days! I never hear anything about them... I don't remember any Xwing games, I'm going look for that now ;-)


They are developing a new Indiana Jones title (PC/PS3/Xbox360).I'm really looking forward to it, the last Indiana Jones was superb :PThey also work on other titles too but don't remember the names :/(like Lego Star Wars )


Still Lucas Art is one of the best game developer ever existed.Please Lucas arts make more games like "Day of the tentacles and Grim Fandango"Your the best guys Lucas Arts, You have really got the brain and taste for making quality games for intelligent people.Jon


I used to love monkey island too. And I love the star wars franchise, though not all of them, but the RPG ones (like kotor 2!)

Now I'm just waiting for them to release the new star wars game... omg it looks mind blowing.. you can use the force to do incredible things, and.. well just look for yourself!



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