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Super Toothpaste


Another good question is, what on earth would the nanobots do with the junk that is no good to you?Throw it down your throat or have it spit up out of your mouth, the former or later doesn't sound too great lol.


To tell the truth I like the traditional way of brushing my teeth at least once a day, but better to do it twice, but as most of us, sometimes I can be lazy enough to do it or don't have the time or the worst case, I am not at home and don't have a tooth brush.. thats why it is good to have one of those chewing gums ;)But as traditions are usually changing, the idea that nanobots could brush your teeth is quite good, you don't need to do it yourself and I believe that in the future something like that will happen, but as been said, for the start it will be expensive, but maybe later, everyone will be using it regularly and it will be as cheap ash toothpastes today.. and everyone will be with very white teeth? I don't really like very white teeth Today when I see people, they look very artificial to me, that smile is artificial too, but this is maybe only my view about very white teeth! And the problems which were mentioned in this topic are quite serious, but I think that with time and experiments they will be easily solved that they could be used without any side effects.. Remember the times when people used Heroin in hospitals (I don't remember though) but with time it was banned, due to the side effects and other drugs which we don't use anymore, but these days we make analysis, but I still like to avoid different chemistry, because most of the medicine is about ~10 or similar years old, so how the hell do we know how it will effect us and our children and our children's children.. same with nanobots brushing our teeth..


This would be very useful becuase it would save time because i'm usually in a hurryin the mornings.


Um, I think I might be afraid of that toothpaste! I think I'd stick to the regular, daily-use toothpaste, thank you. The thought of little nanobots running around my mouth searching for morsels of food or bad breath bacteria is a bit frightening.I think a lot of people have already brought up pretty good points about why, eh, this might not be a good idea. I think the biggest one would be that who has the time, money, and effort to research about the use of nanobots to create super toothpaste? I think a lot of people would rather create better computers, or find a way to stop all these viruses from spreading on the Internet. We have good toothpaste already. Colgate and Crest are doing a good job; I brush my teeth once a day and it takes me maybe three minutes? Nothing's wrong with my teeth. I don't see why I'll switch from nice, minty, plain toothpaste to nanotechnology toothpaste.Secondly, as mentioned before by other users, what if these nanobots multiply a bit too quickly? They'll overrun our mouth, possibly consume our food before we do, and maybe they'll wander into other parts of our body! That's not good. What if they take over our stomach, should they survive the acid?Yeah, super toothpaste with nanotechnology is just not a good idea right now. Maybe in several hundred years, humans will have time to play with this idea though. XDSerena


I just wanted to know whether that would take care of all kinds of tooth problems. There are many people who are addicted to smoking or chewing tobacco,their teeth have severe problems like permanent stains on their teeth, pain in the gums and bleeding, There is also a lot of decaying, if something of that sort comes to be possible, would it be helpful in those cases as even after using the toothpaste,these people will continue with their habits .

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