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The Moon Landing - Real Or Fake


hi all,Have u guys seen any consipiracy videoabout the landing of Neil Armstrong on moon. The video gives many arguments and generates some doubts about whether really the landing on moon occured or it was just a rumor by Nasa.Do supply your comments.


I know I've seen that and frankly I put as much faith in it as any other conspiracy story. They are fun to listen to and awesome to get into debates about but I mean, you can make almost anything LOOK like a conspiracy if you try hard enough. It's just a matter of determination hehe.Frankly I don't see any reason why they would have faked it... I could understand if it was at a time when the U.S. was hurting for money and needed some huge cash cow so they could give that as an excuse to the populace for where the funds are going and then in reality just hoax them and siphon the money off... but the U.S. wasn't in such a situation lol. Also there has been various technological advances based on research done originally for space exploration... which wouldn't be getting done if everything was a hoax. I dunno, I just don't buy it heh.Like I said though, its fun to think about and talk about There are other conspiracies I enjoy more, like the various secret societies and old school big brother stuff (before it was technologically easy to believe it was possible), area 51, other myths claimed to be fact.


It was real because I was 16 years old when it happened and watched it on televiaion (as crappy as it was back in 1969) no color or any of that. Even today in holywood nor in any production studio is there a way to recreate the gait and movements of those pictures that were sent back from then moon, theycertainly could reproduce it in Hollywood back then and they still can't today so it is just another wild theory probably with more flaws than fact (if any).


I don't see why it wouldn't be real. I mean, I just don't understand why everyone is always looking to disprove things! And you know what, even if it is fake, can't people just trust the goverment that they faked it for a good cause, and that maybe the general population doesn't know something very important that the goverment does know, and that maybe sometimes people are not as smart as they think?! This arrogance always annoys me, and that's just what it is. I'm not saying we should be corporate drones, we shouldn't take things for granted, but I'm just saying that sometimes we have to allow ourselves to admit that we might not know everything.





Err, I understand myself...


again one of those debates... now I hear all of those stories:- the flag is moving but where does the wind comes from?- there is no stars in the background?- the sand dosen't look real Well, I think they landed on the moon. And if I could have enough large telescope I would prove that also


I first heard the moon landing conspiracy theory about ten years ago, when I was an avid reader of The X Factor magazine (nothing to do with Simon Cowell - it was a sci-fi/paranormal magazine) and to be honest, I spent quite a long time questioning the validity of the photos, and the whole idea of the moon landings in general. There are a lot of elements of the photography in particular that would suggest that they are not genuine. There is no denying that the moving flag, the difference in shadow lengths of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the reflection of light in areas that should be in shadow, footprints where there should be none, letters seemingly carved in moon rocks and many other examples, can add fuel to anybody's doubt.So what are we supposed to believe?I personally think that the photos ARE fake. But before any of you jump down my throat, hear me out on this. The moon landings weren't fake.I susequently decided that it is just slightly possible that we were all expecting something completely different to what was actually found up there, so the photos were created back home, to keep the dream alive. We all fantasize about sometime in the future colonizing the moon, and I think that maybe whatever was found up there means it is impossible. But why shatter the dreams of billions of people? Brainwave! Tell them what they want to hear!I am an amateur astronomer, and I love looking at the moon, hoping that it is still possible, and I think that NASA are probably still trying to find a way to get us up there. After all, why would they be offering us the chance to visit the moon - at ridiculous expense I might add.There's my thought on the matter. Take from it what you will...Rebecca x


I personally think that the photos ARE fake.

Becibear have a very good point there. After all, they are disputing the the stuff in the photo. Personally, I believe that US did land someone on the moon.

Guess this conspiracy about US landing men on moon(not the photo) could be answered in the not too distant future if NASA decided to send someone to Mars without first having another moon landing. I don't think even the mighty NASA would attempt a Mars human landing mission without having the experience and data of a moon landing mission. And the Mars human landing mission could come pretty soon with US "strategic competitor", that is China, preparing for a human moon landing mission, possibly in the next 5-10 years. Once that happens, NASA would get a huge increase in budget and viola... Martians, here we come!


yeh, you are implying that if they have a "manned mission to mars' that they wouldn't just fake that one too I mean if they didn't actually go to the moon, why would they be any more likely to go to any other planet? Nothing out there but rocks anyways hehe No oil


Haha.... funny.... but you never know whether there is oil there.. :PWell, with our current progress in technology, i think nations can determine with certainty whether a manned mission to mars actually happen. Of course, since I am no astronomer or satelite scientist, I could be terribly wrong. But if Russia, China and other nations would to say that they have proof or something like that, to me that is good enough. Not sure though about the hard core conspiracy believers...Hehe... never underestimate the power of rivalry. I say if NASA did have a manned mars mission without first planning a manned moon mission, then it would lay to rest this conspiracy theory. I don't think the US President or the Congress would just sit there after China has a successful manned moon mission. Come on, can you think of the headlines when China has a manned mars mission first before US?


But I mean China might just be a shadow government for the american controlled east :| hahaha. VIVE LA CONSPIRACIES!!!

Captain Jerry

hi all,Have u guys seen any conspiracy video about the landing of Neil Armstrong on moon. The video gives many arguments and generates some doubts about whether really the landing on moon occurred or it was just a rumor by NASA.

Do supply your comments.

LOL -- This is an old one! There are "never happened" rumors about almost every significant event that's ever happened in our history, and they've made so many movies about them! The conspiracy people have a blast with this stuff! Have you herd the latest one? The Holocaust never happened? It was all staged! Ouch....

I believe that the Apollo moon landing was real. What possible reason would NASA have to fake it? Did the rocket blow up? How come they didn't cover up the Shuttle disaster?



But I mean China might just be a shadow government for the american controlled east :| hahaha. VIVE LA CONSPIRACIES!!!

Haha.... that would definitely be the mother of all conspiracies!!


hi all,Have u guys seen any consipiracy videoabout the landing of Neil Armstrong on moon. The video gives many arguments and generates some doubts about whether really the landing on moon occured or it was just a rumor by Nasa.

Do supply your comments.

Hi all I belive that they did land on the moon.


Don't mind but you guys simply say that "I believe they landed on moon, and I don't see a reason why they didn't." period.Well, there are proper facts showing and explaining why the moon landing is doubtful. And why would NASA fake it? Oh common!!! NASA was unable to send even a stupid satellite payload rocket into the orbit when compared to USSR. Well, in those days India had taken a Non-Aligned attitude towards USSR and USA so we were sending satellite payloads via both countries equally.Out of 8 satellites we sent via US rockets, 5 failed. Out of 10 sent by USSR, NONE failed! Ofcourse I do agree they had more expertise in putting satellites into orbit since they started it, and US was more busy with doing something new, like going to the moon...I find it hard to believe that US could carry 6 FLAWLESS manned missions to an alien planet, when they cudn't carry out decent controlled missions here on earth. Common didn't we just witness Columbia crashing in 2003 during its re-entry? Not to forget the Mars Polar landers that simply disappeared. And these are just to mention a few... and makes a person wonder... how the heck could not a single mishap happen during the 6 critical moon missions??? It leads us to believe that they were pretty lucky it seems... Now couple that with the other evidences provided in the Conspiracy Theory, and now the whole picture of NASA going to the moon seems hazy. As for getting the rocks, I believe they must have sent an unmanned lunar lander (like the Russians) to get lunar rocks. Also read the book by Ralf Rene. It properly explains why the whole Moon mission was technically impossible. And one fact that I too agree with is, even today the technology is not in place to provide enough air conditioning power in 270 deg C. for even a matter of few hours, let alone days.Now common, US is the most advanced nation in the world today, and there is no questioning its technological prowess. But the scenario was not the same earlier. It had a tough rival back then... That fact could have pushed it to take that adverse step of faking the show :(And yeah,... incase u havent done it, just use Google earth to zoom onto Area 51, and see the nearby area. There are moon like craters everywhere.Frankly speaking, not just me, but most non-americans now find it doubtful that NASA made it to the moon, but anyhow, it hardly matters because most know that they live a good life because of the Americans and whatever they have created, and thats what actually matters.And for China! hah! They carry out their manned spaceflight by buying Russian stuff and paying lumpsum to a few Russian scientists and brag about it as if they invented the whole thing. China is no rival to the US and will neither be for atleast a few decades.Since Russians didnt make it to the moon, neither would Chinese.


...you guys simply say that "I believe they landed on moon, and I don't see a reason why they didn't." period.

Well, I think you kinda answer that yourself when you said that US is the most advanced nation on Earth today. Yes, US have a tough rival back then and still does today. Soviet Union might have disintegrated but Russia still exists. Having a tough rival might give US a motive to fake but it doesn't prove that it is fake. You might argue with someone before he/she is killed but it doesn't might you the killer. It just gives you a motive, that's all.

As for the failed rocket mission, failed space shuttle mission, failed mars mission, it only show mistakes. If a Boeing aircraft would to crash, and they do, not just once.. it doesn't mean that Boeing aircraft can't fly or fly around the globe without stopping. It only shows that more quality control has to be instituted on each and every Boeing aircraft that is produced.

And for China! hah! They carry out their manned spaceflight by buying Russian stuff and paying lumpsum to a few Russian scientists and brag about it as if they invented the whole thing.

Personally, I don't see what's wrong with that. If I am the President of China (never could, since I'm not a citizen.. ) I would gladly buy the technology of Stealth bomber when the US decides to sell it to cover their ever increasing debt. There is definitely no reason to spend money to reinvent the wheel. If you are a software programmer, you should definitely understand this point. If there is a free code that you can use, why bother thinking and writing it all by yourself?

China is no rival to the US and will neither be for atleast a few decades.

Yup... I agree with you on that. Most probably, China would never be a US rival. At least not in my lifetime. The gap is just too huge....

Since Russians didnt make it to the moon, neither would Chinese.

Haha... you better remember what you said. If you're still alive 10 years down the road, there is a high chance you would have to eat your words. I am not saying that China would certainly have a successful manned moon mission but it is certainly a target for them. So, we shall wait and see...


uh look yeh, i just put up one simple small argument about doubt on 6 FLAWLESS missions... but the conspiracy theorists (specially Ralph Rene) have put up far more intellectual and technology based arguments that hit the hard spot... try researching on that.One of the most valid arguments by Bill Kaysing was the Rocket engine sound problem. He said that the lunar lander had a powerful rocket engine right beneath the cabin and would produce high decibel sound. Some argue that there is no atmostphere to carry the sound, but what those idiots forget is that sound is created by the exhaust gases (the basis of rocket propulsion), and hence it would travel to the cabin via vibrations. Rather not just travel, it would shake the whole cabin up with some decent noise and shudder. But we hear none in any of the transmissions. Now even when a jet fighter pilot speaks on radio when aircraft's afterburners are on, we hear terrible shudder in the background which is basically due to the vibrations up in the cockpit. And the rocket engines on the landers are far more powerful, and noise creating... This argument has no intellectual counter statement from either NASA or elsewhere.Anyhow... there is no point in arguing on this topic. Now supposedly if China makes it to the moon, let's see if they can explore to the US land zone and check whether the flag still exists... or a blast crater still exists.Anyhow, I never said that China was doing anything wrong by buying technology... and come on, there is difference in business and things done for national prestige... what it means is they kill the national pride factor. Like when US sent Alan Shephard to space, they didn't buy the technology from Russia for the sake of not "re-inventing" the wheel :(And as far as moon mission is concerned, they usually buy or copy technology. There is hardly any important technology to China's credit, except whatever the Ancient Chinese did. Hell, they copy aircraft from Russia, bikes from India (Indian bikes have the reputation of economy with power, and thats what a common chinese needs too), electronics from Japan... and now what they can't copy, they buy. It's good, but finally the whole thing is pretty worthless as we just see another Russian rocket launch from Chinese space center.When we send our unmanned Lunar Lander in 2007, we make sure of national pride by developing all the technology on our own, and beat China atleast in that field. Apart from that it will carry US payloads of probably some AESA Radar. The Tejas fighter aircraft has lots of US and Russian technology implanted, but we do not hide it, rather put it clear on govt. websites about the participating companies. This is what China should do but doesn't.I doubt there will be any successful moon mission by China in the next 10 years. And even if they do it, probably US would already be civilizing it with a human colony by then.


Hi guys, this is my first post and i want to tell all of u that the mission was a fake , there are many evidences to prove the whle issue which were shown by conspiracy theory. The first one being that wen the US astronouts reached there , they had dug their flag and the flag fluttered , How the hell is it possible that the flag flutters on the surface of Moon were there is no air. There are much and many more evidences to prove dat the whole thing was a hoax and US had spent 40 mn$ for the whole setup which was done supposedly at Area 51. these are the reports by Conspiracy Theory.


This is one of those near self-perpetuating conspiracies... If I said well, why don't we just point the Hubble on the moon! Surely, we would see evidence of humanity if we used a powerful telescope. The obvious retort would be that it's owned by the same organization that faked it in the first place... All i can say is the value of having been on the moon still eludes me. I still can't imagine how such cold war inanities could have captivated the globe. Even more, how the President Shrub intends to blow more gas by putting us back on that rock. Absolutely nonsense!


The budget was 40 billion, not million. The video said that the movie, Capricorn One, was made in $40 mn budget, and if that looked so bloody realistic on screen, the same could have been done for a fake landing.


Well, think what you want, but read: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

It's just ridiculous if you can't follow the principles I gratefully copied from Wikipedia.

I know it's fun to believe such stuff and trying to prove it, but COME ON. In short: It's easy to point out inconsistencies, but as long as they do not prove the Truth-theory wrong, you need to accept the truth.

A good prove to show that it is not true, would be to show that Armstrong was actually on earth, while he was shown on the moon. No can do? You can just tell me that the flag flutters? OH REALLY? Well, I completely forgot, the only thing that can make a flag flutter is the wind, right? No, it is not. That's why it's *BLEEP* to take small things and show that they look different than expected, I mean in the end, none of these fellows has actually been on the moon to prove that it is impossible to do these things.

And a-whole-nother way to view it: If it really was fake and there was proof, don't you think these things would be less obvious. Don't you think one of your imaginary NASA-Fakers would have seen the flag flutter and say "Hm, looks to unreal, let's cut that scene".

Hypotheses are accepted or rejected by scientists based upon a set of criteria that apply to all scientific theories For a theory to qualify as scientific it must be:

Consistent (internally and externally)

Parsimonious (sparing in proposed entities or explanations, see Occam's Razor)

Useful (describes and explains observed phenomena)

Empirically testable & falsifiable (see Falsifiability)

Based upon multiple observations, often in the form of controlled, repeated experiments

Correctable & dynamic (changes are made as new data are discovered)

Progressive (achieves all that previous theories have and more)

Provisional or tentative (admits that it might not be correct rather than asserting certainty)

When viewed in this way, the question is not "Can every detail about the moon landing be explained?" but "Does the Hoax hypothesis better fit observable facts than the Truth hypothesis, and is it more self consistent?". [3] Thus, a first obvious problem with the Hoax hypothesis is its lack of narrative cohesion. The Truth hypothesis is a single story, but there are many Hoax hypotheses that each address specific aspects of the moon landing, but conflict with each other if taken as a whole. One proposal says that the landings were faked because the real landings were conducted using alien technology.

Oh a some quite good proof pro-moon landing (found in German Wikipedia):

⢠The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will be send into space in 2008 and will photograph the landing sites â but of course they could just fake those photos too, right (how many generations of corrupt scientists do you think, the NASA has?)

⢠It's quite improbable that the NASA was able to recreate moon-gravity scenes, when hollywood still can't do it today.

⢠The reflectors they left there. Now you could say they placed them there with robots, but yeah, sure, disregard the fact that the Soviet Union took all their time and budget just to get up the rovers for that mission

⢠private radio operators all over the world could listen to the astronauts â the replies came with a delay that can be calculated to be the light-speed-delay. Not two times the delay, if they send it up and back down from a space probe.

⢠Apollo 11 videos "featured" the Russian space probe Luna 15 crashing. Now the regarding documents were released and show no differences from the American description.


Sorry for crushing your dreams..


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