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Ipods Are Overrated seriously, they are


Well,I say they do because they don't hold that many songs nor are they are any big so why should people have to pay 200 cash for the ipod.The company needs the money to support the system used to make the ipods hold the mp3s as the mp3s themselves take up alot of space,even on a computer.


I just like the fact that you cxan choose from more than just white colored I pods because its just too dull with a white and black ipod.There like a bunch of colors to choose from though.


Whats up with the little mp3 player creatures.I forgot what they call it on the comercial but anyways,it sounds like a bigger version of the Ipod except that they take up more space than ipods do.


All in all,the Ipod is good but they should improve it some more.


i agree, there is always a new one coming out, with some new feature, and everyone thinks they need to have it. there are a lot better mp3 and video players out there, people are becoming dumb, and apple is smart to make money off dumb stupid people.


In today's music industry, the iPod is the most popular MP3 player. They cost around $200. But the only reason people would shell out that much cash for them is because of the name. People want to join the crowd. They care about having what is "in."


And if you don't believe me, just look at the iPod Shuffle. You can't even choose your song with it. And it doesn't even store as many songs as a generic MP3 player you can get with $40.


So my point is, if you don't have the funds to buy an iPod, you can settle for any other MP3 player. There's probably no difference between them except the name.


True story, I completely agree that iPods are overrated and overpriced. Instead of investing over $200 on an mp3 player that can only perform one function, I invested the same amount into a PDA which can also play mp3's via SD card and also has multi-functions such as wifi, bluetooth, calendar, etc.


If I am going to spend that much money on something, I want it to do more than just play mp3s.


You're wrong there snutz, the good iPods have had functions for notes, games, calendar stuff for a long time now (wasn't for windows at first but now it works with outlook too) + the new ones can play movies & show photos. The only thing it can't do is shooting photos/movies and phoning.If you buy a multiple-function tool, you'd better ensure that it is good at all the features that you want to use. A normal SD-card can't store more than 4 GB.



gimstix-connex + net-MMC-stix + audioStix + (optional, breakoutGS + LCD / TFT screen)

and you can build your own mp3 player.

next time someone looks all smug with there brand new shiny mp3 player... you can whip out your stack of gum sized circuit board thing... and smugly say "Aswell as playing mp3's running a PDA OS, and Apache web server.... my mp3 player is also, in the background recompliling its kernel...

can your ipdo to that !??


In today's music industry, the iPod is the most popular MP3 player. They cost around $200. But the only reason people would shell out that much cash for them is because of the name. People want to join the crowd. They care about having what is "in."
And if you don't believe me, just look at the iPod Shuffle. You can't even choose your song with it. And it doesn't even store as many songs as a generic MP3 player you can get with $40.

So my point is, if you don't have the funds to buy an iPod, you can settle for any other MP3 player. There's probably no difference between them except the name.

welcome to my world,
ive been buying mp3 players all my teenage life and never once have i bought an ipod
ive seen the specifications etc and its the same as ANY OTHER MP3 BUT MORE COSTLY!!
i bought a mp4 player around the same price as a ipod 20gb and mine is much better because mine has a MPEG4 PLAYBACK and plus a 40GB hardrive with other features!


I basically just use my Playstation Portable for my music. More convenient for me too. I don't like the IPod, yes it does let you hold more than a PSP, but that's all it can do mainly. Play music. I want something that's worth the 200-300 price tag and the PSP covered it nicely. I can listen to lots of my music with the compression that can hardly tell it was used, and play games on the go if I want to. The only problem with the PSP is I have to buy an accessory that protects the screen when I bring it along. Only 15 bucks though so no hurt there on the wallet.It's probably just the way you think you'll be doing mainly. If you're no gamer, and like lots of music to choose from, IPod is the choice. If you want something that can do some music and lots of gaming, get a Playstation Portable


broliwhat is the internal size of the memory of the pSP?

Shadow X

I totally agree 100% with what you say Shooting Star Haven in your first post. I know lots of people who buy and have iPods just to keep up with the demand and fashion of the music world nowadays. I really don't like iPods or any of Apple's product for that matter and I think the only good creation by Apple are their iPod Nanos ... those are actually amazing.

My brother has the Motorola ROKR E1 which is the first phone to have iTunes preinstalled on it ... and he says that the Motoroal ROKR E1 is much more worth buying and having that just any old iPod because you can listen to songs just like an iPod and have all the features and more from a regular phone.

So my point is, if you don't have the funds to buy an iPod, you can settle for any other MP3 player. There's probably no difference between them except the name.

That's exactly what I do. I don't mind if all my friends have an iPod ... I feel that a regular, common MP3 player is more than enough for me.


Listen up kiddos and Uncle Unimatrix will explain what makes the iPod such an attractive device to so many people.First off: Apple created a device that originally did one thing, did it extremely well with an interface that the average user could use. This was a big plus. When iTunes for Windows was released, suddenly 98%+ of computer users had an easy to use Digital Music Package. This included an easy to use player, doesn't take years of programming and computer skills to use, Simple and effective jukebox software, and the iTunes Music Store with simple $.99 per track downloads. Basically Apple was the first ones to get all three right.At somepoint, the iPod also became a fashion assessory. Why? Ask someone that works at a fashion magazine because I can't answer that. I know why it became popular from a techical standpoint: easy to use system, but the fashion aspect just increased sales as it became the "must have" item for many, many people. While other players exist, Apple got it right first and are gaining the rewards of being first on the market with a complete package that offers a fair price for songs with a common sense and well balanced DRM solutiuon so that the studios and consumers both win. Yes, the players cost more than rival units, but we are talking about a luxury good to begin with so people are willing to spend a bit more for quality. You have to understand that the people that use these boards are a tiny fraction of computer users and more at the point tend to be more technically adept. Go up to people on the street and ask them what Org Vorbis is. I'm serious. I bet 1 in 50 know, probably even less than that. Outside of the corporate IT server world, those taughting Linux are often those that are "Anti" anything that is deemed to be "popular". There are also a healthy dose of those that use it because it is free as in beer. Also I am willing to bet that a larger percentage of home linux users are also P2P pirates and commit copyright infringement on a regular basis with movies and music. This comes with over a decade of personal experience around computers geeks. Not to say that there aren't a fair share of Mac users that have pirated copies of Office and Photoshop or Windows users, but there are a lot more grandmas that use their windows computers for email and internet than there are using Linux or Mac.


Yeah, but what does pirating copies of Microsoft Office, or being a fan of Linux have to do with iPods?!?I think the main reason for the iPods popularity is the fact that it is fashionable (or thought to be fashionable) to have an iPod.Looking back to when they first came out, MP3 players where unbearbly basic, with only a few megabytes storage. Suddenly the iPod appeared, with a hard drive, and a 2GB hard drive at that! Suddenly people could carry albums of music around with them, not just a few songs. Also, right from the start, iPods looked good. The shiny, sleek white and metal design, coupled with the trademark clickwheel and the white iPod earbuds meant that the iPod became a statement. Also, if you ever look at an iPod you'll see that there appears to be no way of opening it. There are not screws, or anything that obviously keeps the iPod together; this unique design adds to the fashionablity of the iPod, and also makes it durable and practical for everyday use.Not everyone buys them for the fashion. I've got an iPod, and one of the first things I did (after sticking some songs on it, of course) was sell my white earbuds on to a friend for £5. Considering the Apple ridiculously overcharge £15 for new iPod earbuds, and I didn't really want them anyway meant that my friend saved a tenner and I made a fiver. I was glad to get rid of my earbuds - I find them uncomfortable, and the sound quality isn't amazing. Also, they can make you a target for thefts or muggings - we already know that iPods are extremely desireable. Back to the point - I primarily bought my iPod for the music. My old 512MB MP3 player was falling apart, and had practically no storage space left on it. My iPod could store my entire music collection, and have room for much, much more.Well, I hope this might have shed some light upon why people like, or buy, iPods. It seems that fashion is only part of it.


i-pods suck donkey ballsthe following are reasons why i would rather hang myself buy this piece of ****1)price- equivilent player from creative are like less than three quarters of the price.2)battery life- **** capacity and even shitter lifetime since you have to recharge it so freakin much, whats more is they have the cheek to charge £60 for a battery you can buy at a hardware store for £103)incompatibility- say if your in to legal downloading you have to use iTunes, dosen't make that much of a difference but everyone knows it is evil4)they are made by apple macintosh- perhaps a personal thing here but this company has no right to exsist5)the whole look at me i like music and you dont because i have an ipod thing6)the tv adverts 7)all of the aboveit goes without saying that i no longer own a mac or an ipodhonestly though if your gonna spend that much on a player buy a sony one proper battery life and top notch build and sound quality or if you want something similar but with better battery life and is cheaper go for a creativehow dare these idiots make a living of the ignorance of the consumer


I too find iPods are too overrated too. I find it's just YaMP (Yet another Media Player).I used to have a red MP3 player costed me around CAD $100 for 512 MB; now I use the new Motorola Rokr as my MP3/Phone.xboxrulz


I actually own an iPOD... and yes it was expensive; and yes it's a YAMP. In fact, when i was looking for mp3 players, back in the day, I was more into the Archos jukebox lines. they had color LCD's, could play video, you could share pictures (the screen was larger) and play music. This was 3 years ago. Only now does the iPOD even approach some of the features this thing had. BUT, I actually tried the Archos jukebox out (a friend of mine had one). And honestly, it was too complex. It was too complicated for something I intend to put in my pocket and carry around with and do all the things i'd like to do with it. That's where the iPOD comes in. Its simplistic design was and still is just fine for me. I've never had a battery problem, fortunately. Although I know that the battery life of many iPODs die prematurely.. mine has yet to fail me. I have three chargers for the iPOD. One at home, one in the car and one at work. I never have an excuse to worry about it losing power. Of course it's always a value judgement. Clearly the iPOD has become a status symbol; which tends to polarize people. I should now note that I HATE macs. Never like them, never will. They are like computers for dummies. Too simple, to be adaptable. Ah but that's where a company like Mac, that sucks at making computers, excels. I like simple for my YAMP.


They're good for trips...but other than that, trash it. :lol:I just use singingfish, and get free music.

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