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Lochness Monster Exists? Does it really?....

Kid Saiyan

Once again, i disagree.IF the locals there have video clips of Nessie, no matter what the condition, and the lake in that video clip is the same as the Loch then how on earth could it have been made in China?!Also, whether the locals are living off tourism expenses or not, they wouldnt have made up such a thing as a dinosaur living in a lake. They could at least have had a little more imagination. No-one would make up such a tale if it involved having police raid the place and scientists taking DNA scans everywhere. So much money would have gone to waste and whether its big or small, it still exists. There is proof. You said at first that there is no proof and then you said that there are video clips. I think this discussion is just going round in loopholes. What evidence is there showing that Nessie doesnt exist?!


Well, I think is a little imposible that exist a "mounster", because, the lake is an extended water channel that extends by 40 km. Their waters are slightly darks in the surface and very cold size in which it is descended. The montains they border to him with cliffs that project an imposing shade on waters. There are sites in which to few meters of the border the depth arrives at the 200 meters, which does of difficult the investigation One teory that defends the believers of Nessie, is that the lake has deep down water channels that communicate it with the sea, by which the supposed monsters enter and leave at will, justifying the long absences between its appearances. Susan Blackmore, sicologys, think that:If Nessie belongs the age of the dinosaurios, then it has had to reproduce by thousands of a, reason because most be more than one.In order to stay alive, the supposed herd have to devour great tons of fish that do not exist in the lake. In the great depths, the type of fish is a mystery that serves to him as food. Then one thinks that the microscopic organisms that live at heart in the total dark of the lake, not to be sufficient to feed a body that must be of hundreds on kilograms. So I think that the monster really exist maybe is just an animal, not such a big that the people says that exist. And maybe it could be life form other plant?.. why not.... Is a misterious


oh, link to my earlier post of GIANT Squid, in this topic, don't exist anymore so here is the new link


Let us say the proposition is put that “the Loch Ness Monster exists”. The response of some individuals is immediate and negative. We may then ask, how can you be certain of its non-existence? More fundamentally, what is it that you know does not exist? Thinking reflectively, have you had the necessary information and have you defined the problem sufficiently to come to such a certain conclusion? If not (and this is probably the case) have you made similar judgments about other more important matters, where you are equally ill informed?Some individuals may be equally positive. Again, we may ask on what basis they make the judgement. Typically this is an accumulated feeling based upon media coverage and a liking for such matters. This latter should not be dismissed, but recognized as part of human nature. People who would like something to be true are more likely to interpret ambiguous evidence in that way. Likewise people (including scientists) tend to be more critical of unwelcome data.Some individuals will claim to have an open mind. Very well, we may ask what would enable them to come to a definite belief? If this was a grave matter of public health or of great financial risk, and you had to go one way or another, how would you choose?Firstly it is necessary to decide what it is that we are trying to conclude. The following is suggested as a rational and minimal basis for discussion.“That in the 20th Century there has been a number of large animals living in the waters of Loch Ness.”Thus we are concerned with natural history rather than supernatural, but we should include the possibility that a small breeding herd has died out. Present non-existence would not disprove reports from earlier years. By large, we may say ‘more than 2 metres in length’. Although witnesses have claimed much larger (20 m) all that is required is something significantly larger than the otters and eels known to be in the lake. (Would you accept a giant otter?)It is not necessary to include all the features which have been reported (head, neck, flippers, humps etc.) since some of these could be mistakes or embellishments. It is probably reasonable (or is it?) to say that the minimum requirement is a large aquatic animal. (so in simple terms its not known for certain if the loch ness monster exists)


I dare you people to prove that Nessie does NOT exist. In order for you to not believe in something you have to believe in it. I say that there was a group of Plesiosaur that got trapped in the loch ness lake during the ice age and they were able until the end of the ice age. Prove that it did NOT happen!!!-Permac47


I totally beleive in the loch ness monster (nessie). If you go to megavideo.Com and search loch ness and scroll down to freaky facts-loch ness you will find that people actually saw it. So loch ness is real!-reply by Jackie


I dun tink nessie exists...u c,that lafe nessie appears is very foggy rite? mirages usually happenes in foggy places,m i true? Mayb wat we saw is jz a refration/reflection of sumting far away...

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