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  1. You can even install a number of Linuxes on the same hard drive. I would highly recommend this. Besides your Windows partition(s) you can make let's say 5 Linux partitions (4 different system partitions and 1 Home partition) and one Linux Swap partition. If you do so, you can install and test several different Linux Distros, save your data on the Home partition and let all Linuxes use the same Swap partition. Except for the bootloader, Windows will be kept untouched. Anyway, whatever you do ... hav a lot of fun!
  2. Do you mean you're looking for a chinese hoster? Or do you mean chinese language support? As far as I know the chinese language support only depends on the installed fonts of the users machine. I can't watch chinese websites correctly if I don't have the fonts installed on my system.
  3. Well, let's hope that we will all be able to remember our own names in twenty years! Otherwise we would be getting an email by some fool we don't even know talking silly stuff.
  4. May be nice, but the site does not work without flash, so they should try to do the same thing without flash for the flash-haters ans the old-browser-users.
  5. Well, me ... I can see absolutely NO reason why I should make my beautiful Windows look like Mac. I f I would like the look of Mac OS I would buy a Macintosh machine, but I don't so I don't. I wonder it there are Mac users wanting to make their desktop look like a Windows desktop.
  6. My favorite soccer site is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ English version here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ PPLive is a little filesharing client program which allows you to watch chinese soccer broadcasting streams! Some chinese TV stations are broadcasting several european soccer matches through internet live streams, like Champions League, UEFA Cup, Bundesliga, Premier League, Seria A, Primera Division but also scottish League and others. Try it out, it's really good if you have a fast internet connection. Watching soccer can be so much cheaper than in Pay-TV.
  7. Do you mean XPLite perhaps? You can get it here: http://www.litepc.com/ I once used 98Lite, which gave the user the oppurtunity to remove Internet Explorer and many other stuff from Windows. I have not heard of a special 'hacker's' edition of Windows XP. GreetingZ
  8. Why I don't use Mozilla Firefox1. I don't need popup blocking 2. I don't need tabbed browsing 3. I don't need browser themes 4. I don't need built-in search engines 5. Download Manager is cool, but I don't need it, I use IDM (internet Download Manager) 6. I don't need no weather forecast in my browser 7. My browser works with Outlook Express 8. U-hu? GreetingZ
  9. No, I've not yet tried any of these new search bars, the Windows search function is enough for me. Maybe search bars are fatser an better, but I don't trust this kind of software. I don't want my computer to be searched by Google.
  10. Floodwaves, Volcanos and Earthquakes are responses of Mother Earth. The planet replies to the virus mankind.
  11. I have no idea of the inside life of a processor, Hyperthreading an all this stuff. My decision to choose Intel is only an emotional decision. I really hate AMD's way of 'lying' in their product names. An AMD 2400 does not run on 2400 MhZ, so this name is given only to put sand in the consumer's eyes. Even if 100 MhZ would cost half the price of a 100 MhZ Intel processor, I would alway choose Intel because they don't lie in that way.
  12. But what if I have a new IP every time I visit the forum? Me for example, I get a dynamic IP adress assigend by my provider everytime I enter the interent. I think I can't be banned by a forum administrator except if he tries to ban ALL IP adresses coming from a certain IP range.
  13. Hi, I'm not exactly sure whether I really understand the problem, but I hope I do. Are 'other people' the people inside your home network or peolpe in the outside internet? Anyway, if you don't know your own IP-adress, you have to find it out. :-) For example you can upload a "test.php" to any webserver and add it to your favorites with this content: <?php$test=getenv("REMOTE_ADDR");echo $test;?>If you do so, it will tell you your 'extern' IP-adress, for example click HERE I'm sure you can find your IP-adress somewhere in your router's web-interface too! Some routers need extra configuration for Portforwarding, so that your localhost can be viewed by the outside surfer through your IP adress. GreetingZ
  14. Hi Kam, Thanks a lot for your posting! Unfortunately all the graphic adapters I own are AGP slot, otherwise I would really like to try out to have three screens. Now I know why PCI graphic cards on ebay are more expensive than AGP cards. I think you're right, noone here needs 10 displays, three monitors would really be enough, who has a table with enough space for 10 screens? But I can imagine that the possibility of running ten (or even 40 with that driver trick) screens could be interesting for artists, video installations in galleries and so on. GreetingZ
  15. No no no ... ... this is arrogance, nothing else. I AM an experienced webuser, and I KNOW that Internet Explorer is the best browser in the universe. What now? Do you consider this an argument? I guess not. What I'm trying to say is this: Please don't think that all IE users are stupid or unexperienced! Most of the IE users simply use their IE and keep their mouth shut about that topic. But the Firefoxers never get tired of telling everybody how good and safe their browser is and how bad and evil Internet Explorer is. I wonder WHY??? Can someone explain? A Mercedes owner KNOWS that his car is the best, and a Ferrari owner also KNOWS that his car is the best. But they both spent their time in enjoying RIDING the car and not in talking which car is better than the other and how stupid the other car is.
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