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What Firewall Do People Use hi i was wondering what firewall people


i use a pc-cillin 200n, it's the best antivirus software that i know... peoples, use it...


umm,i am sorry that i have not used any firewall you listed above.because besides the firewall windows build self i use skynet to protect my pc,maybe we should use firewall according to different area.in my area,some abroad firwall is not able to work to be againt.luckly,skynet is powful to againt any virus and spyware till now.


I've tried Zone alarm and had a few problems so I stuck with the built-in XP firewall.


I use norton simply because of it reputation, and i have had no problems with itover the last dew years. It my go to guy for PC protection.


Hmm.. for firewall i use Outpost Agnitum, which is a GREAT firewall, easy of use and has a very very nice built-in protection.Never but never gave me a problem, so i'm a happy customer.


I use Avast and CounterSpy, I do also have the built in firewall active, and I have no viruses or spyware at my pc:)A combination I am very happy with


Well I use Trend Micro Internet Security and it has an inbuilt firewall in it and I am pretty satisfied with it....It gives me almost all the options which one looks for and in a nice, clean and simple interface...what else do you ask for!


mcafee personal firewall... its working for me just fine... and my router's firewall as well.


After reading the following posts, I have seen one program I use and love, not mentioned: Peer Guardian 2. Now granted, the common use is usually to block anti p2p companies such as the RIAA, and may not be considered a "firewall", but I have seen it block spyware, adaware, and even popups that many of my previous firewalls have missed. Plus, the greatest feature of the new version is that it takes a very small amount of memory and cpu usage. The only problem I have seen is that it is a tad overzealous, but you can fix this by allowing more ip ranges. Just my two cents


i use outpost. zonealarm was pretty good except it kept asking me if i should trust the same program over and over again. it got kind of annoying


I use Norton Internet Security since it not only takes care of viruses, malware, adaware, and my firewall but it also is easy to use. I have never had a problem with it and it is easy to configure and does a good job. Right after the install it can be annoying since it will ask you what you want to do for anything that connects to the internet but within a day or two you will never see it again.


I use Zone Alarm Pro, McAfee, Windows, Norton. There is no hacker that is going to be able to get on to my computer. That is for sure.


well i use a pix and the windows built in one other than that my dad set it up so lol...works great tho!!! only get something i dont want when i dl somtin with it other than that no hackers/unwanted viruses or anything


I'm using windows built-in firewall and Zone Alarm. But I have also a firewall on my router. Anyway I think it doesen't work so good. It stopped only one hacking attempt, but I got more of them not stopped.


Meh, if it was up to me I'd still be using Zone Alarm, but my mom installed Norton on my computer, which cost like 60-80 dollars so no use trying to talk her into removing it, plus she loooves having parental controls..yeah.But eh, its not THAT bad, but the stupid annoying auto scans are...annoying, and lag my computer, but if I turn them off my mom gets pissed..so yeah.


I use a windows built-in firewall, I can't really be asked to get a newer firewall. I could get a new one but then again, windows firewall has always been loyal to me and always done it's job so I'll keep it.


ZoneAlarm is the best there is, but blackIce it's the second best, wich by the way, it's not there.


I currently use norton personal firewall, I used to use zonealarm but updaiting it every few weeks got to be a pain.


I am using Zone Alarm and so far I'm happy with it, have not tried any other type though hence I cannot make any comparison but I am still open with other type though

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