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Noob Question!


I just got admitted to start a website under this domain.One problem. I have no idea where to start. Where do I log in? Do I make the site offline? and if I do, where do I upload it?Basically I need a the basic starter kit. I have looked for a FAQ but I can't find it anywhere on here or on the main site. Yeah I need help I know I *BLEEP* but I have never really used this system and I am quite new at making sites. Any help would be much appreciated.


First of all what do you mean by this domain ? do you mean you have a domain ? if you have a domain then you need a host too, you should upload your files in you host and then link your domain and host together. if you have not a host then you can make enough posts here and then request your host. where to log in ? first of all if you have a domain then you can login to its control panel for doing this you should ask your service provider to getting the login url, after logging in you need to set name servers of you domain to those of your hosting provider server (you can get them from your hosting provider). for logging in to your host if you get it from here you can create it based on your bought domain or request it with a subdomain. if you want to get it from here then here is a detailed procedure for you to get it step by step : http://forums.xisto.com/topic/61751-free-web-hosting-free-trap17asta-subdomain-hosting-procedure-how-to-order-yournametrap17com-or-yournameastahostcom/ ,after getting you host logging in to your host depends on your webhosting provider panel so you can ask it from your provider. you can make your site offline but if you are a newbie then try to use Content Management Systems (CMS) to start your website which for example you can go for WordPress, google it and you will find it, on their website they have a detailed instruction for making one website using it. you can also make a simple webpage as a start with some softwares like dreamweaver but its better for you to start with cms. For FAQ you can go to Alerts and Notices , some instructions on how getting domain and how mycents system is working are there you can find them and read. but if you want your host here then you can try to read a full cpanel 11 manual (Goolge it!) for knowing how you can upload files or other things. and remember you don't need to have a domain you can use a sobdomain Xisto provides with its hosting services, so feel free to ask any other question and good luck.


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