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Twitter Name?


Hi there,Many of my friends have started using the service 'Twitter' I want to follow suit I currently have a Twitter account called (TinyLX) it was meant for my website http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


it currently have 36 followers. I now want to make it my personal twitter account and change the name I know this can be done though I don't know what username to use :/ any ideas?


Link to my twitter:



(If there is no tweets I have removed them as I am changing it to my personal twitter account)


You can't change the username. There is way to delete the account though. I'm not sure what could be your personal username for twitter. I suggest checking out other popular tweeter users then decide by making list of pseudonames.


You may have to simply create a new twitter account. I have never found the need to use twitter, but I don't discourage others from using it. I just never really needed a place simply to post short messages on what I am doing. I do post messages on facebook, but facebook can be used for more than just thats. But anything, I suggest that you delete the account and start another.


Why not use Ash-Bash?You are using it here. You can even use your current avatar as your profile picture.


There is no way of changing the name of your account -- the easiest way to do this would be to "tweet" that you are changing your account and tell your followers to follow on your new account. Thats the way I would do it. Just use your name whatever name you think of... even makeup one like "TheBikeGuy" or "Shitmydadsays" which aren't the person's name but something about their life -- you have WAY more chance of getting more followers if you do this


I have just checked I am able to change the username "twitter.com/settings/account/


 Ash-Bash seems to be taken so I just used another username I use 'Ash_CW' seems simple I hope some of you will follow me, currently updating my profile and wondering what to tweet. https://mobile.twitter.com/i/nojs_router?path=%2FAsh_CW%2F


Ash-Bash seems to be taken so I just used another username I use 'Ash_CW' seems simple I hope some of you will follow me, currently updating my profile and wondering what to tweet. https://mobile.twitter.com/i/nojs_router?path=%2FAsh_CW

Aw...thats a pity. Oh, well...
I once used to have a Twitter account. But I never posted anything there. I never post anything to my blog either.
Not many people are interested in other's life. So, why waste the time.
I hope you find something that would interest your readers.
Nice background, btw. Reminded me of the first time I started my Macbook.


Underscore on username makes it hard to remember but then again people rarely tyope twitter urls. You can use twitterfeed.com to sync with your blog feed address to sync updates with your blog. This will bring some traffic to blog.


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