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Hello all,I am currently running Wordpress 3.0.I want to be able to change the page after the login.Basically I login and it takes me to the control panel, I want it to log me in then direct me to the main homepage.How can I do this? Is there any plugins?

Little Asterisk

Hi Ash-Bash,

Although I'm not sure I understood your wish completely, I hope that this plugin that came up after a short Google search could help:


Actually, here's the whole search I did: A huge bunch of letters for a Google search

Hope that helps.


i personally use the "SimpleLogin" plugin. it's pretty good. you can log in from the main page instead of logging in on a different login page. it then allows you to stay on the page you're on without being directed to the dashboard.


If you are intermediate user of Wordpress or any other CMS you have experience in it would be a lot wiser to go with the plugin 'simple login' like anwiii had suggested. But if you are using it on your main site and want it to look crisp and neat and more 'Yoursite' than a website plugin, you can add a little bit of code into your wp-admin and your template pages and make your own unique login method. These codes can be found by a tiny search on the mighty google. If you feel like you can't do the coding but still want a little unique method if login in to your site, then Rocketthemes and Yoothemes are your way, these are top notch quality template providers hat offer login through images, Ajax, lightbox,etc. But the memberships to these theme clubs cost a bunch, so try out their demos before buying them. Meanwhile, I don't think you should be using the new wordpress at this point, yes it did come out of rc and into beta testing but it's little unstable for users because it has a lot bugs.

Little Asterisk

Hi again,Since I do not have the time to wait for my new topic to open up (it's been a while since I submitted), I hope it's OK if I post my question here:How can I show only post titles on category pages in my Wordpress installation?Let's say I have a category called "Football is popular nowadays". If someone's on this category page, I want to show only post titles and dates when they were published, as opposed to titles and excerpts. I also want to show more posts than it's designated somewhere in the settings page.Do you think that's possible without using a bunch of if...then commands (like -- check if this page's permalink is site.com/footbal-is-popular-nowadays, and if it is query posts from the category "Football is popular nowadays").Thanks for your help!


Thanks for the suggest you two I have decided to use 'SimpleLogin' the title says it all its simple to setup and use and does all what I want it to do!


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