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.xxx Domain Names Will it be a reality


Please Note : The author of this content is neither a pornography supporter nor an owner of any porn websites. All it started in the year 2005, a proposed top level domain name .XXX domains . It was meant for all the adult contents in the internet . On June 1, 2005 ICANN said that .XXX domain would become a sponsored top level domain. But as time passed by on May 10 2006, ICANN reversed its decision on the implementation of the .XXX top level domain. Again on March 30, 2007, ICANN totally rejected the .XXX domain proposal . Now recently ICANN Had its meeting in Nairobi, Kenya on March 2010 . The board said that there is a postpone in the decision to be made in setting up the .XXX domain. And probably in this june it will decide on the same matter on a meeting which is to be held at Brussels.Now the question is, is it good or bad ? to have this kind of Top Level Domains . There are several pros and cons in this regard. On the other hand the pornography industry strongly opposes the act of setting up a Top Level Domain as .XXX. because then it would be easy for all the Network Admins to block their sites completely and easily.So now what will happen if the .XXX domains are launched ?? #1 . There will be a loss for all the Porn website owners as there may be comparitively less traffic to their websites. #2 . All parents will fees secure , because they can easily block all pornography sites at home,#3 . All the content filtering and firewall manufacturers may face a loss, because there might be a slow down in their business. This is because there are a handfull of organisations today which includes schools and colleges who buy firewall and all sorts of content filtering just to filter out porn websites. Now that if all the pornographic websites are categorized under .XXX domains then it will be easy for the Network admins to block the websites, so they might not depend on a content filter or a firewall#4 . One who is not under firewall or any kind of content filter and if he tends to watch porn then it is gonna be easy for him ( on the other hand he is gonna get highly corrupted ) . All he needs to do is go to google and keen the phrase ******.xxx and there he gets what he wants.So now we have so many pros and cons which are not listed out here. What ever, what do you feel ?? Should there be a .XXX Top Level Domain launch . We just have few months to go. This June 2010 ICANN will probably take up this matter and decide over the same .Now the next question is, is such a domain is launched will XISTO have it available in its domain selling arena. Or will XISTO strongly oppose and it wont take up that extention for sale since it promotes pornography. ? Because .XXX domains is exclusively to be meant for pornography websites, and Xisto has a clean policy which says no porn. So what will be XISTO's decision. And if this becomes a reallity, what will be the cost of .XXX domain names ? Any guesses ??


oh i definately support it! i think porn should be completely separate from legitimate websites and domain extentions, and i would support the legitimate search engines and directories to ban porn sites from their indexes. a .xxx extention would help pave that road and it would allow parents to have more control over the websites their children visit.we are talking about a billion dollar industry. porn makes more money than any other niche out there so ofcourse they will lose money, but that isn't my concern. my concern is to protect american morals and values on the internet and seperate what is legal and illegal. i'm not one to usually support more laws that interfere with our freedoms, but this porn industry on the internet has gone completely out of control and unenforced where it has just become unacceptable in my eyes.and if i owned a porn site and was getting a piece of the billion dollar industry, i would still be in favor of the .xxx domains. it's just good ethical business practice where there are more important things to consider sometimes than money.


News says that ICANN killed it. I'm not in support or against it. It's just another business. Moving sexual content over such domains will infact help block such content by software which many places requires badly (commercial and family). there are good and bad sides for filtering this content but having seperate domain avoids their hijacking on other tld. so it is better to get .xxx and .sex domains. if anyone don't want to access those it becomes easy to filter the TLD. but in case of .com,.net and .org it becomes damn difficult to find such sites. Let them have their business with those domains instead of getting them in crowd of other business.


like A RED LIGHT DISTRICT ONLINE. I think xxx domain will be perfect. I mean the reason why parents are blocking the sites in the first place is because they are not meant for minors. Secondly anyone who is happy that the firewall did not block their porn content is a pervert or paedophile. basically they are saying its ok for their own kids to be exposed to hard core pornography. Because the main reason why porn is such a big bisiness is because half the population is actually not legal to even see th porn so for them they are saying dont stop this. let us corrupt the innocent. if the set up the xxx domain then anyone who wants to stear clear can stear clear and those who want to see it can see it. Dont force feed us porn at least give us the option to say this is what i wanna see because i believe those who want to see porn google and find it no matter how unknown the site is. What I hate is those popups that just wont go away. Saying they will loose besiness from firewalls not being bought and blockers not being bought is like saying there are jobs for television stations that broadcast in Analogue or standard definition. Try as that may be every company is a commodity producer. They have market research and if the market doent need the product on offer then its time to do more research and see what new product would best suit the new market. When you go into business you know its not going to be forever so be dynamic. If the are no sales in Firewall software maybe its time to change and design a new vrsion ofweb say web 3.0 lol. surely things havent been the same since the net began. Some compnayies used to make shed loads from the old popups which used to popup till you shut down the pc by ripping of the power socket. and those same companies didnt wanna hear of a popup blocker but hey soon the popup blocker took over and the same companies had to find new products to sell or a new way of making cash. so i say lets go ahead and have .xxx domains the firewall companies will survive they will find a way to get back into the business they can also for once play offence as opposed to trying to defend the pc from intrusions and play offence by trying to be the intruders. Lets make the world go round. VIV .xxx domains is ever they come to pass


I don't care what happens to the firewalls or the security companies, if they really believe in the necessity of their product than people will continue to buy child protection software, although I still anything other than OpenDNS is a waste of money. I think this would be a great way to remove this smut from computers everywhere, and its easy not to mess up and type in the wrong domain. too many people end up at these type of sites by misspelling a word, and now with a completely different domain extension they can both attract more traffic and get people to change. However its going to be impossible to enforce because as now it is not illegal to have it online, and unless all the nations come together to change the laws its not gonna be much of a change. Either way I still think its a great idea, although I have a feeling unless the US, and Europe back it (free speech problems) its not going anywhere other than China, doesn't matter in North Korea, cause Red Star OS already blocks it.


Well the problem that I see and I do not know if this was part of the plan, but porn sites cannot be forced to register under that new domain. Odds are though the rules would chance and porn sites would most likely be force to change to the the .xxx domain or force to be shut down.


one thing i suspect though is that these domains will be highly over priced because of their association with a high profit or high revenue industry but i doubt they will pay off that well due to people using firewalls and blockers to stop them. Funny how social net work sites arent complaining that companies block users from accessing FB during work timeiff xx comes out i wanna get a domain like xxx.xxx that would be lush


why ICANN shut it down ? i mean it becomes easy for others to filter these domain if they're on .xxx or .sex so that is one good thing for filtering software. getting porn business with other business on TLD is more headache and ICANN is not at all thinking about it in multiple views. What will happen if tommorow porn domains start to use social media for their promotion. For example, using "shetoldme.com" they can use similar domains with grammar or other mistakes but using that to point to porn site. "shesaidme.com or even shesaysso.com or many other variation that social media people are using can be abused by porn industry. I think we as internet user and ICANN is ignoring this possibility.


@ anwii

it's just good ethical business practice where there are more important things to consider sometimes than money

ya there you are , ETHICAL PRACTICE ? If some one wants to follow some good Ethical practice would he/she step into porn industry ?? I would say the whole porn industry is unethical. It destroys social and moral values. And the most pathetic thing in the field of pornography is scandals.
There are forums which are even available today where people can earn money by submitting scandal videos to the admin of the forum. I really dont know why they spare these kind of websites.

@ Saint

but porn sites cannot be forced to register under that new domain.

Is it so ?? If ICANN imposes a rule then isnt it must that every one must abide by it ??


I would say the whole porn industry is unethical. It destroys social and moral values. And the most pathetic thing in the field of pornography is scandals.

Though i don't support porn industry and people who are interested in stepping into porn world still I beg to disagree with you on this. What scandals ? Porn industry only showcases us what we do in real life. If not porn, people continue to have incest. There was incest before porn industry and will be there. Same goes with beastiality. Nobody likes to show this in front of society but behind the curtains of home, everybody is doing something that is not good for society. So what scandals ? Just because celebs are into it makes it special ? Morality is subjective b***h everyone tries to defend it from their own or religious perspective and trully defends it to their death.

And social values ? having 2-5 kids at home and then blaming porn industry actors for not controlling their urge to have sex sounds hypocrite to me...Lol...Many females and males are getting their daily bread and butter because of this porn industry. Many gays/lesbians (by birth) are into this industry and alive because money that is coming in. So by discarding this industry with religious or personal moral values justifies in any way???

I don't like porn industry(reason it is getting into mainstream business) but i don't prefer to discard their living just because some random religious views or personal views against porn.


@ anwii ya there you are , ETHICAL PRACTICE ? If some one wants to follow some good Ethical practice would he/she step into porn industry ?? I would say the whole porn industry is unethical. It destroys social and moral values. And the most pathetic thing in the field of pornography is scandals.

it's all relative i guess. if you haven't seen the movie, "The People vs. Larry Flynt", i suggest you go out to see it. it describes what i am talking about and what you are talking about......ethics.

but what you are talking about is that a grown man or a grown woman should never be allowed to go and pic up a porn magazine or watch a porn video because it's unethical to create porn in the first place. i guess home movies are unethical too even if they aren't watched by the public? hmmmm....well....everyone is entitled to their opinion i guess....


I think that if ICANN will accept the idea of .xxx domain nemes extension , the owners or webmasters of those websites ,will not accept it.As you said , it will very easy for networks administrators to blocks such a sites , and for parents to prevent their children from accessing it , but i think the porn industry is about billions and billions of dollars like anwiii said, and people in that industry are just MAFIA people to me , and i don't think that ICANN could force them to do something they don't want to do.And , i think taht most of the porn website traffic , on the net , come from the search engines *like all the websites* , and if search engines , like Google for exaple , stops indexing those website , i think that the majority of them will desepear after a while.Making money is a giood think , and we all want too , that's why we're creating websites ! , but what makes me upset , is people who want to make money , and don't care about the others, don't care if people cosumming their "*BLEEP*" ,are children or whatever , i know that some people used to put videos about children and pedophily on the internet , just to make more money , and that's what ICANN or search engines or government must face !


This seems really interesting since I have never heard of that scheme before to setup a .xxx, it would look like a dodgy virus site in my opinion. But it could work in the world of internet, the porn industry started back in the 60's it would be good for the web to have a dedicated domain entry. Although the security to minors needs to be updated somewhat since young children can easily access anything these days on the internet.


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