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Living With One Man And In Love With My Ex living with one man and being with my ex


I have been living with a man for three years , and have been seeing my x husband love both of them. Need help


marriage is sacred. you got a divorce. that's a final decision among two people. more on with your life. i think if it was true love, you will always love. that wont go away. thing is, don't enter in to a relationship and move in with a guy if you don't love him. what's up with that??? that relationship is gonna end just like your marriage did.

I have been living with a man for three years , and have been seeing my x husband love both of them. Need help


I have been living with a man for three years , and have been seeing my x husband love both of them. Need help

This is funny... U cant love both of them .. U got to choose any1 ..
If u love ur x hubby more .. leave ur current man n go to him ..
Else tell ur man about this .. if ur man is ok with ur TWO relations at a time .. den this is the best thing ... Enjoy with two ..
Main decision is urs ... :angel:

Take Care


I could suggest to leave both, the one you're living with and your Ex and try to find a third guy who would suite you just fine, it's one of the easiest thing to do :angel:


haha i don't think it's that easy. you see, she is divorced. her ex probably wanted it and she didn't so just because someone loves someone, doesn't mean they can be with that other person. you see. it take two....haha she's not the ONE person who dictates how everything will be...

if she DID want a divorce and got one even if she still loved her husband, then maybe there were problems in the marriage that love couldn't solve.

so it's not about being with someone. it'a about doing what is right and right now, if she doesn't love this guy she is living with and is having a relationship with him, then THAT is wrong unless her live in boyfriend knows how she feels and is ok with it. i wouldn't be.

sounds to me she caught this guy on the rebound and is using him just to satisfy her own lonliness and need for companionship. the sad part is is that now she is realizing that satisfying the loniness or need for companionship is nothing compared to loving someone who can fullfill those needs

sometimes it's just better to live alone for a while.....but when people start to grow older and alone, it gets more difficult for some because they feel time is running out and they just don't want to live alone......so they settle. they still keep that idea of love and that ideal relationship in their head and settling just is not fullfilling at all....

people think they need to be married or in a relationship to be happy. especially in america where the divorce rate is 50%. hey, it's the american dream people always talk about along with that white picket fence. unfortunately, a lot of people can't break away from what society dictates and their thoughts are controlled from childhood. they fail to realize that their real happiness lies within their own selves, enjoing life, and being who they are meant to be.

people have watched that jerry mcguire movie and most people know that one liner, "you complete me". nobody should be in a relationship to be completed. one should be in a relationship to SHARE what has already been completed. nobody needs a relationship to be completed. that's just insecure thinking.

sure, a relationship offers a lot to the right people who are ready to enter in to a commitment....and especially a life long one if you enter in to the sacred vows of marriage, but it isn't for everyone and just because you're not in a relationship or married does NOT mean you cannot be happy and satisfied in your own life. it does not mean your life will be unfullfilled and empty.

This is funny... U cant love both of them .. U got to choose any1 .. If u love ur x hubby more .. leave ur current man n go to him ..
Else tell ur man about this .. if ur man is ok with ur TWO relations at a time .. den this is the best thing ... Enjoy with two ..
Main decision is urs ... :angel:

Take Care


That's killing the guy you're with right now... he doesn't deserve that... you made the decision to move on and move in with the guy then you should at least have enough respect to at least try to make things work out with him... =T If you've already tried everything you could and you still can't remove your love towards your ex husband then you need to go back and figure out what went wrong with your ex husband... But as anwiii stated, if your ex husband doesn't feel the same way about you, then you're gonna be stuck in the middle of a very complicated dilemna...


Wow.. I was actually in this position with my ex girlfriend. The problem was that we started dating 2 days after she left her husband. Not the best way to jump into a relationship. She went back and cheated on me with her husband twice(always when we we would fight and she would get drunk). I forgave her transgressions twice, however she still insisted on keeping in regular contact with him. I finally approached her and told her that if she did not cut off regular communication with him then I was going to leave, and that is what happened. It is not fair to your boyfriend that you are seeing your ex and you need to either tell him or let him down easy and leave him. I understand your predicament of being in love with your ex still and there is nothing wrong with that. I will always love my ex wife because she is the mother of my children, she is just not the person that I wasnt to spend the rest of my life with and I accept that without any problems. The thing is that you need to come to terms with the fact that if you are still seeing your ex then there are still feelings there that cannot be ignored. Who knows, I do not know the cause for your divorce, but maybe with counseling and open communication you and your ex can still salvage your marriage.


yea. it's definately not fair for someone to keep seeing their ex, but you knew the circumstance and decided to be with someone on the rebound who didn't know what she wanted. and why two days later she would decide to be with you? you had something going on before they split up? were you a partial cause of the splitup? would she have still left her husband if you weren't in the picture? yea well...take the blame your own self too buddy because i can read between the lines.


Oh my God. This is perfect for you isnt it. Living with you new guy and still banging you ex who obviously is better in bed otherwise youd have stopped that by now. What you dont realise is that this is so unfair on the ew guy unless he is a cuckold or what ever they call those kind of men who are fascinated by a wife cheating on them. When you are older and past that whole teenage mentality relationships mean ten times more and moving in with a guy or girl has a lot of weight and gives a lot of signals to the guy you are seeing. He is thinking this is probably ti and giving his whole heart an soul into it all but then when he finds out he will be really hurt and betrayed. and it hurts even more if the guy you are doign is an ex cause you have left the past so why are you stuck in it he will ask. Rather a new person than an ex to be honest but right now it all depends why you with the current guy and how long was it in between before the moving in with current guy happened. Did you give enough time to think straight or was it all just a rebound thing for you. Just realise that you are dealing with real hearts and breaking them is something that leaves deep scars that sometimes takes forever to heal.


Yes, you definatly need help.I don't know which question to ask. Why did you get a divorce from the first one if you still love him? Or why are you living with another guy if you still love your first one? Or maybe I should ask if you love the one your living with now, why are you messing around with the one you divorced? You could just toss a coin. Or do what somebody else sugested and forget both of them and start over.


However, things don't always work smoothly, especially if she just thinks of you as a friend or doesn't even know that you're exist! Don't think of it as an overly complicated matter, here are a few things that you can do to win her heart: Become a great listener.


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