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What Do You Think About W3c Validation?


what are you thinking of W3C validation?do you think it is useful to your website to show validate buttons, or not. some think there is no benefits to prove that is your website are validated to W3C. some think it is important to look more professional and your site more trustful.i think these buttons are important to prove yourself as a website developer. to let your readers know that you write valid codes (even i am sure that most of readers doesn't know what W3C button means) also it is useful when you want to work in web designing and development. even validation may takes days of your time, also i read im some articials that making your page valid doesn't mean that it work perfect. another bad side of validation is you code especially css code will show for everyone (for me it doesn't matter that much because i like to share ideas).so, as you see there is always good and bad sides. share me your ideas what do you think?


I don't bother placing those buttons on my site, even if my site validates 100%. I have run into sites that had them but when validating their site, they failed the test which their site claimed to have passed. Validation isn't a problem for me, and i can have my pages validate very quickly, especially with my CMS. I have my CMS handle the tedious validation work (like declaring the doc-type, et cetera). The only thing i have to worry about then are the rest of the pages.Some web design positions request for those who conform to web standards. Having the buttons doesn't prove that you know how to design for standards. I would rather have my work prove that i am capable. I'm not really sure why i follow standards, but i guess i follow them just to follow them and have another thing to master.


Sometimes at work I have to code the web sites I design, and I?m not a developer or expert with coding, so I guess if I put the validation buttons it will show some mistakes. Most of the clients don?t have any idea what that means they only care if the web page works and if it?s shown correctly, so I don?t want them to see right away the mistakes that I made with the coding, I don?t know if the validation means your site works perfectly or if it?s wrong, it is good but could be better, because the site still works great, but I think is cool to put the buttons just to show that your page goes with the actual standards. Just for you I guess and your "pride" as a web designer. I have to get better with my coding so I can pass the inspection


w3c validator helps me alot when developing and designing a website it shows me the errors so that I can make my sitemore competent and error free or bug free, but sometimes I don't think if it is that accurate.but it helps me with my css and xml but after that and when my codes are 100%,and they give me the buttons but I never placed them on my site it's just my practice to only test butnever used those buttons. I don't know but some sites used to place some fake buttons like that telling their sitehas no error and w3c valid but when I am going to validate their codes there's a lot of error into it not only one or two but more.I don't think those buttons will help, but the validator really help


I think the W3C goes way overboard with their validation. It's like criticizing somebody for saying hi instead of Hello. Either way gets the message across. I think the W3C are pretty stifffor somebody who claims to be an authority.


If you want your website to work with standards it should validate, when a site validates with w3c validator html and css, there is much bigger probability your website is cross browser compatible..I always validate my documents before applying them somewhere, it helps me a lot to make my code more tidy, but I don't put any of those buttons from w3c, I just use a hyper link to it, as I don't really like those buttons, they usually don't fit the layout, where a hyper link looks quite good and shows to some people who knows what it means that it's a website developed by standards..It's quite hard to make it valid on big sites, where it's possible to write html inside the content through some kind of a big and slow custom CMS and when there are a lot of people working on the content and etc. They usually can mess up things or scripts can also by using a lot of modules can mess things up, so these kind of sites may not validate, so it's better they don't put links to w3c.. :DI guess sometimes you may get warnings, but not errors, if I know what that warning is and I need to use that syntax or element and don't have any other way to do it, I leave the html or css with the warning.Most sites don't worry about validation if the site works on IE, they just don't care or don't have time to care or usually they wait when the client as it to work on Firefox the same as on IE too and asks to pay for that..


I do validate my documents, now whether I choose to show or not show the validation button link on my website is another matter. While it's true that validating your site is not a true indication of a web designers (x)html or CSS proficiency, it shows that you want to conform to the guidelines. Conformity is good (atleast when it comes to web-based standard practices). I consider Web standards VERY important, and when one group is pushing for such cause, I'll support them.


i agree with you all, about making your website valid to standards doesn't mean that you are professional in html,xhtml,css...ectalso agree that validating website is important to make sure that my site is valid, i prefer do that when my scripts still in the beginning to make the validation process more easier.but one thing about the buttons, something i found out during my last search on the net that some validating buttons shows a lot of errors because the programmer validate the code just once and add the buttons after that he didn't contnue validating.these buttons checks your website for errors every time you click them. they are not only a hyper link for your result of validation. every time you add a new code to your script you should validate. but it seems that not all of them do that.for me these buttons look good in my site therefore i add them.


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