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How Do I Get My Mail From Google Apps Into Thunderbird?

The Simpleton

I don't know why I'm interested in mail clients now but i want to try using Thunderbird for a while and see if it's good or not. However I don't want to use my regular gmail account for that, and yahoo doesn't allow free users to use mail clients. So my only option is to use my google apps account (for one of my domains). But how do I configure the settings for this? I'm confused by all the server settings that it mentions Any help?


Google has a solution to this here, hope it helps.

The Simpleton

Thanks for the link rmlls - I'll check it out and report back if it works


Thunderbird 3 & Gmail SetupHow Do I Get My Mail From Google Apps Into Thunderbird?

It was even easier then the Thunderbird 2.0 setup instructions.  Just go to add an account, put in your name/gmail address/password, and it recognized the settings and I was done.  Very happy.

-reply by lunadude


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