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Firefox Is Turning Five Lets celebrate the fifth birthday of our favorite web browser


Five years of Firefox !

For all Firefox fans here, here is a grand news... Firefox is turning five and the celebrations are already on. A special web page is setup at spreadfirefox.com to celebrate the events. Have a look at it and spread the word. Let's make the web a better, safer and simpler place...


It's an achievement for mozzila project. And now they're complete open source company earning from online revenue. It was good start for them when they launched firefox. I think they should enjoy this event like no other. Besides this even chrome is about to get complete year or maybe completed already. Maybe more news should be on mozzila site for the birthday and other announcement.


I support firefox all the way!I hope the world is going to move from idiot explorer to a more intuitive and innovate browser like ff.I still remember way back when i first started using it, it used to be so heavy on memory but i continued using it and the folks keep improving it.Congrats Firefox for turning five!!! wish hundreds more!!1


Ya, who would have thought firefox could come such a long way. The initial sentiments is that it will just be a fad and many people predicted that they would have died after a while, especially it being an open-source application which people have doubts abt, it terms of support and security (many people still does). But hey, the 5years birthday just show proved all the nay-sayer wrong.


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