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Stnotepad: A Semitransparent Notepad


StNotepad is a semitransparent version of notepad. It has a semitransparent text area, while the text on it and controls remains opaque. Useful to type text from an image present behind. The application was developed in .Net language. Please do check it out and post your reviews or comments. Requires dot net framework 2 to run it. More features would be added soon. You can download StNotepad from here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/



The application displays the features offered by the Semitransparent Form for .net, using which such applications with transparency with opaque controls can be developed. It has lots of options to adjust the UI of the application, like opacity, corner radius (of controls), always on top feature, lots of styles for background and control box.

The Simpleton

Hmm it looks pretty good Too bad that it's not freeware and one has to pay ~$10 after 15 days of a trial. It sure looks interesting though! I wish there was something like this for Linux since that's my primary OS. I do run Windows 7 on another partition but switching for this one application isn't too practical....Still, thanks for sharing this with us BCD it's a good one and I hope many people will find it enjoyable!


I wish there was something like this for Linux since that's my primary OS.

If you use KDE, right click on the title bar of any window, go down to Opacity, and choose the opacity you want You can also place the cursor over the title bar and then spin the scroll wheel on your mouse, it does exactly the same. So, Linux has had this for longer and on any application... Still, nice find for Windows users


Agree with rvalkass. Linux has this option earlier than windows. KDE and Gnome have text editors which offers transparency features. To dig this history of fancy and transparency effects, OSX started this madness with dock and transparent applications. Later linux developers of most of the window managers like kde, gnome added this into their window managers.


There are some applications which allows transparency effects to all the window based applications. Some are free while some are paid. Windowblinds offers transparency add-on. StyleXP also offers transparency to some part of windows shell.


If you want to try transparency to all of your windows applications then vitrite utility is perfect for you. You can then make notepad or any other editor transparent. Stnotepad doesn't offer much features for notepad other than being transparent. And 10$ is costly if you see the cost of windows shell enhancement softwares which cost 15$ to 29$.

The Simpleton

Wow I never knew that KDE had this feature - that's because I didn't use KDE for a long time. Anyway, thanks for this interesting twist to the story! And paying for something like this is somehow......not feasible


Hi mahesh2k,I tried all the possibilities for transparent notepad in windows including windows shell enhancement softwares, in those the whole Notepad will be transparent including Text and controls. So that would easily strain our eyes and we would soon loose interest in it.I found one more notepad called Glass Notepad, in that Semitransparency is only working in Aero theme of Vista and Win7 while stnotepad works even in Windows 2000. But still its backgroud will be blurred we cannot type the background's text.New version of StNotepad has more new features other than transparent, it has Word Count, Mulitple Undo/Redo, File Content Modification Notification, Text Drag and Drop, Enhanced User Interface Settings like new themes and custom themes and more. And the future releases with other new features can be used without extra costs.I have seen many people who need a software to type text's of a scanned document (Data entry, BPO) easily, for those kind of people and those who are fascinated by new things, I think $10 is not a big amount and they can easily afford it.


This looks like a really cool application. But the payment bit sux. Something this lightweight ought to be free.


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