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Download Manager For Linux I need one


I'm looking for a free download manager for Linux/Ubuntu/Gnome (Whatever!). Something like, Free download manager or FlashGet but Ubuntu compatible. I was looking on google and didn't find any popular software to do this. I don't like downloading in Firefox. I guess I could look in the Add/Remove programs section of Ubuntu..but I'm not sure I like that. Last time I let Ubuntu do something for me it undid all of my efforts installing my modem lol.


Firefox add-on: If you're using firefox then you can download add-on called "DownthemAll". it is perfect download manager. only catch here is if you clean the history/private data, it washes off the files downloaded/buffer so far. so if you're kept downloads in queue then it is better not to delete browsing history.


Another add-on to firefox is Flashgot. You can google for more info about this add-on of firefox. or try this link.


Kget: With KDE you get "kget" by default. it is installed with kde window manager. so if you're using kubuntu then you're likely to have this in your system.


prozgui: it is also another download manager, works well with ubuntu. updates are not frequent as far i've seen.


Another alternative is "MultiGet file Downloader". It is with more features than prozgui. and works like charm. Axile is also good if you're not interested in any firefox add-on.

The Simpleton

Hi Rob!I've used some of the managers that mahesh mentioned above, but so far the best experience for me has been the firefox add-on 'DownThemAll!' You said you didn't like downloading in firefox, but I think this one offers the best possible experience. Then again, I could just be silly. The thing is, I used Internet Download Manager (IDM) on Windows for a long time and got used to its amazing speeds and features. After coming to Ubuntu, there were a number of good managers, but none of them could compete with IDM. The nearest one I could find was 'DownThemAll' and am still using it - it almost matches IDM in speed and just misses out on a few features.So if you're sure you don't want to use firefox to download, then do ttry some of the managers mentioned in the previous post. But if you choose DTA, you'll not be disappointed!


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