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Suggestions For Computing Host as requested by Qpaque


I can't reply in the announcement section and didn't see a topic so I am making this one.Xisto - Web Hosting suggestions:(1) Too many words on the index page. I can't be bothered to sift through all that text.- No need to list ALL features of the hosting package. Just pick say the top 10 features that people care about. Put the details on the page with more information/comparison page.- Emphasize your selling features. Is your strategy to be cheap and reliable? If so, emphasize your 30 day money back guarentee and uptime information. Also, the pricing for your hosting plans are just tiny text at the VERY BOTTOM of the page. I didn't even scroll down there the first time through. I think you need a BIG SIGN saying 9.95/year hosting or even make it $0.85/month hosting. - Instant setup section - at first I thought this was a heading because it was bolded so I didn't read that section... I missed out on important details like 99.5% uptime and 24/7 support which are not mentioned anywhere else. In addition, I don't think instant setup is an important feature for me when looking for hosting. So, I wouldn't bold it or even put it as the first point on the list.Summary: Organize your index page to convey the MOST IMPORTANT points of what you offer. Don't try to put everything on the page. Try to plan the page out so that people see the most important stuff on top cause they might miss stuff at the bottom. Prioritize.(2) About the company- Do not mention your launch or creation date unless it is more than 1 year old. People aren't going to buy from a company unless they know it is gonna be around. if you are only launched in january, that puts doubts in peoples minds.- I would not write about your experience with free hosts the way you did. I don't want to hurt feelings or anything, but many people regard free hosting as amatuerish. I would just talk about how your experience has helped you create 2 other successful hosting companies (not mentioning free) that are still here and how this experience is valuable to the customer. This experience has given the team the ability to run efficiently and smoothly.- Finally entering the commercial market... get rid of this. Seems like you are noobsSummary: Talk about your company as if it has been around for a long time and has lots of experience.(3) Clicking the solutions button doesn't pull up much info. - I believe your "solutions" page should already be covered on the index page. You are making customers click more than they have to in order to find what they want.- the solutions page should include "popular" plans that you think people would be interested in. also should be a little more detailed about features compared to the first page but not a complete list cause it still may be too much info. perhaps the four sections (basic, advanced, pro, business) each with the most popular plan.- on EACH plan listed. Place an order button and a "MORE" button (which brings you to your "plansX.html" page).Summary: By clicking solutions, I can't even order from that page. You should be able to order from that page.(4) the flash banner too big- i know many (most) hosting companies have this kind of template and look but I really think that the banner is way too big. It doesn't provide any information at all either.- the space above the fold is the most valuable and you haven't done anything with it by putting in that banner. On my 800x600 browser window, all i see is the banner basically. And statistically, about 30% of people are still using 800x600 screens. In addition, those with bigger screens may not be running their browser at full screen.- if you want to keep the banner so big, atleast use it to help sell.. like put the $9.95/year where the text is.- contact us button doesn't work- short about - get rid of this text. i don't see the reason for it. Summary: Use your banner space to get your point across. Your banner should show what people are looking for. Namely hosting. Not a couple computers, and a lady spouting useless words.Maybe I am being blunt at times but it's better than being wishy washy. Take the feedback any way you like. It's your company.


And also to look professional, I would suggest taking out the :: or []before and after each heading. Maintain a singular stylesheet so that the colors don't look odd, and don't change colors and font sizes as sporadically. Make sure there's no redundant or oxymoronic information, and make a chart comparing the different types of hosting plans. The right column which begins with "Our servers are located..." has a picture that links to a link that doesn't exist on the page. [ Package 3 is our main <u>DEFUALT</u> Package ] - It's spelled "default" I think no9t9 covered most everything.EDIT // Most of this applies to Xisto - I went there by accident . However, the first paragraph works for Xisto - Web Hosting.


done some of the editing work..will do the rest .. tomorrow..


How about some live help? Everyone loves live help!There are some free ones, that you can change the layout to fit your site!http://www.hotscripts.com/ has someCheck them out:D


I agree with most of what no9t9 said. Other than that, it's a bit redundant to have the links twice at the bottom of the pages. The bottom links on the Support page don't work. On the front page, I would definitely move the complete feature list to another page. The short list on the right should be enough. I'd move the Plans to the top (Those 'more' links don't work either.) And whatever you do, the lengths of each column should be about the same, unless a column is navigation. (There's a lot of white space in the left column right now.)And a bit off-topic... If/when I move to Xisto - Web Hosting, what if I want to change Plans mid-year? For example, what if I got Plan C and later wanted to upgrade to Plan E? Or if I just needed more of one or the other, how much would additional bandwidth or space cost?


maybe Livehelpand bit of flash intro will do the improvement in front page butneed to work on it on information side provide details on how to signup payment details so that u can avoid so many support emails.anyway i like design of front page:D


The flash intro isn't necessary - it's slow loading on slow computers and users usually just want to get in and out of their site, not see how pretty it can be. Plus, the host doesn't have to be pretty to be good. It's just eye-candy. Most people, if they have to decide between two similar hosts will pick the one that looks better or has a better name :/


There are somethings which are very obvious:1. Flash is only good to watch when it is loaded. Not when it is loading. On some website designing tips I read that most users close their window when they see a flash preloader with "Loading..." in it. I think that explains one part of the the visitors who don't register.2. I think the $0.85/month is a great idea. Keep it up.3. With free host giving up 5GB without requiring posting. I think the 1GB bandwidth dissapointed me the most followed by the Flash preloader. I think as Opaque said if 100MB bandwidth is enough for 5000 visitors and most use less than 1GB. I don't think it would be a bad idea to increase the bandwidth by a couple of GB's. Mind you, I am not telling to oversell. I repeat, I am not asking to oversell.4. I am usually looking for features at webshosts than bandwidth. That's why I am here today. Listing features on the home page won't be a bad idea I think.That's all for now. I will keep writing as I get new things.


One very good idea that came to my mind just now. How 'bout having a affiliate program? That would be good and it would make people spread the word. But your charges are anyway low. I don't know if it is affordable. But you can always have a limits like having 5 members or payout will be considered if the members stay with you for atleast 3 or 6 months. Some hosts actually do it. :DHope I could help.


Good suggestions! I think the thing about more bandwidth is good... some people offer 30GB of bandwidth as the basic package!


That is too much I think, 30GB! If someone actually uses that much then they'll have problems. Or else they'll have to increase the pricing that is also bad. I think 5GB will be enough for the basic package.


maybe Livehelp


I have started a bit of overselling on Xisto because I see most of the BW is being wasted. But I cannot do that on paid hosting at any cost. It will really hurt the clients if anything goes wrong.As for the other companies, I dont care about them. Just look at some companies who provide 5 GB space and 50 GB BW for $4.95 per month! I mean..WTH! Do you think this is even possible ?? Consider their servers to have 80 GB HDD. That means.. on one server they can afford to fit only 16 clients! i.e. making about $80 per month. The servers costs around $2-3K.If you search further, you will also get some hosts charging $4.95 for just 15 to 20 mb. These packages are ment for corporate sites where they cant afford even a minute's downtime. The fact is, Quality never comes cheap


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