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Running Wordpress On Computinghost


Hi!Has anyone ever had any problem with CPU usage when hosting WordPress on Xisto - Web Hosting? Also, does anyone know of any WordPress plugins that are known to eat up resources on the server? (something like Firestat)-Nitin

Alex Cicala

I don't think Wordpress would use many resources.

Although I searched up the issue in Google and found this optimizing page for your wordpress blog: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

It may come of use to you. I'm not a user of wordpress, well I have tried it once but never sticked to it.


Hi!When running WordPress on XAMPP hosted on a Windows server, I did have pretty heavy CPU usage. When running on a Linux setup though, it worked with pretty minimal CPU usage. I did optimize both the XAMPP-Windows setup and Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP setup so I was quite surprised with the results.A lot of other Windows administrators reported issues too. Perform a Google search for "wordpress CPU" and the first search result that comes up is titled "Coding Horror: Behold WordPress, Destroyer of CPUs". The second search result is "How do I reduce my crazy wordpress CPU usage".Several users have reported issues with their shared hosting providers disabling their accounts, though there wasn't anything mentioned about whether the shared hosting provider ran Windows or Linux.I'm assuming it's more of a Windows-PHP issue, and since I am using the Linux hosting package, I'm guessing I shouldn't have any issues with it.Regards


I have a wordpress blog, and as far as I know, it doesn't use a lot of resources. Of course it might be different for you, as I blog once a week at the most.


I used wordpress at byethost before i moved to xisto. I never had any "cpu" problems. Wordpress is much lighter than joomla (which eats your sql resource). At byethost, they limited the cpu usage but i never seen any cpu problems when my site was hosted there.


In an attempt to figure out a better algorithm for my content management system, i did research on strings and arrays and came across an interesting little website. If you read this page and the one following after it, you should find it interesting (even if the information may be slightly old). But if you have similar benchmarking tools, you should be able to obtain the information you're looking for.


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