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Does He Like Me? i need help finding out if this dude likes me or not please help&


theres this guy at my school and i REALLY like him. so my friends think he likes me but im not sure. whenever he passes me in the halls he looks at me for a brief second then he looks away (somewhat blushing) and keeps talking to his friends. i asked him out a week ago but he rejected me in a nice way. so i had someone come back and tell him it was a "zap" and that i got dared to as an excuse. he just said "whatever". ever since then i always catch him staring at me in my class from all the way across the room and its not one of those looks that you give anybody. he stares for a while.i look at him alot cus im just about obsessed and sometimes i catch his eye for a minute or two. the weird thing is, just about every where i go in the school i always see him! and you woulda thought that i had it planned but i swear i didn't! when i am at my locker sometimes he will go all the way to the side where i am and walk right past me and look back to see if i saw. the day that i asked him out he sat behind me in one of my classes and started kicking my chair. and his friend, who im friends with too, was making a joke and said he loved me. so then the guy i like started singing the "baby come back you can blame it all on me" song on the commercials. it seems like he is always grinning when i am near him. then, after class, i was giving out mentos and he came up and stood there so i gave him one then he left. i think he already knows that i like him, i think one of my friends told him. i got to correct his paper once so i drew hearts all over it and put a cloud around his name. i gave it back to him and i think he smiled but he wasnt mad i think he was flattered! then a couple of days before valentines day, i was sitiing on the bleachers with my friend and all of a sudden these guys came up and sat next to us and we were sandwiched inbetween them. they were really close! and the best part is my crush came up and sat right next to me! he didnt say anything though he just looked over at his friend and smiled and then he looked at me. it was really awkward because i liked him and so i didnt know what to say without sounding retarded. i dunno if he really likes me or im im just seeing things, but my friends insist that i have a chance with him and that i just dont want to believe it. today he didnt really look at me that much...so that was a bummer. i believe it was from the candygram i sent on valentines day. he most likely guessed it was me who sent it or hes just not that into me. idk if the flame burned out or if it was ever lit in the first place. can you help me please? i need your opinion! first of all, do you think he likes me? do you even think i have a chance with him? and what do you think i should do? i barely ever talk to him because im too shy around him (lol we talk with our eyes! we just stare at each other!), and i realized that he just stares he never jokes around with me like he does with other peeps which makes me think that he doesnt even like or notice me at all! is this good or bad? maybe hes shy too...everytime someone guesses who i like, they always guess him first and they say we would go good together. so...what do you think? i really need to know because i dont know what to do now!


If you say you asked him out, and you also think one or more of your friends told you they have had told him what you felt for him, I suppose he might know by now. You know, when these kind of information is leaked, people get to know it. That's not bad, though. Also, keep in mind, when something is really in your mind, you're bound to notice things you wouldn't notice in simple sight.If you're really wanting so much to know if he likes you, I'll either check out with known people, and if you don't get any kind of answer with them, if you're really so decided, I would ask him out again. That's depends on you, though, you have to decide and get your decision right.Good luck!


So you asked him out and he said no? What is it a good reason? I mean if a girl I liked asked me out, I would definitely say yes to that. That's the only thing throwing me off on your story. Like... it seems like he likes you because of the way he is acting around you, but the only thing I don't get is him no wanting to go out with you that one time.


in my experience it is better to go up to him and tell him directly to his face you like him and see what he says. Guys dont like it when girls play games with them any more than you like it when guys play games with you. He would probably admire your bravery. Dont get your friends to talk to him for you and dont ask other people about him instead of you asking. It makes you look like a spineless coward. If you want to know something, ask him. If you want to know more about him, have a conversation with him. Ask him what his hobbies are, his favorite color, favorite movie, what he likes to do on the weekends, what he likes to read (if anything) does he play any instruments? is he an artist? Make a commitment to actually get to know him as a person. Get to know him on the inside and try to find things in common and talk about those things. Do not make it all about you. Guys and girls both like to feel special. So give him a compliment every day. But do not over do it. You dont want him to think you are really desperate or easy. Keep your dignity.


It sounds like he likes you except, of course, it's weird that he would say no if you asked him out.From a guy's perspective I can't really imagine doing that unless I was busy with something else...then again I have a lot of girls as just friends, and we hang out all the time, so I don't think it's necessarily something romantic when a girl wants to hang out. I guess it depends on how old you are.He might just be really shy and was kinda shocked, but you'd know best what kind of person he is I suppose. Right now I like a girl who is ridiculously shy but we're really good friends and we hang out all the time and stuff, and she sometimes does weird stuff like that that doesn't make a lot of sense and I think it's just because she's so much a different person from me.My advice with this guy is to get to know him a bit better as a friend, that way you'll be closer and you'll better understand him and will have a better idea of what you should do. Guys don't like it when girls keep beating around the bush, so it's probably to be direct about it if you absolutely have to tell him. I love how you sound so excited about every time you describe him I hope it works out for you!


If I go through your narration and feel the whole episode I have only one thing to say. LOVE is in the AIR. All you have to do is wait for the right moment and the right environment.There are thousands of such encounters in one's life hardly any gets noticed, either because we are too busy with our work or we do not bother to look at it that way."So you asked him out and he said no? What is it a good reason? I mean if a girl I liked asked me out, I would definitely say yes to that. That's the only thing throwing me off on your story. Like... it seems like he likes you because of the way he is acting around you, but the only thing I don't get is him no wanting to go out with you that one time." This s a strange situation that I think is not answered well by anyone.The best part is hit or miss, you ask him out one day for some small work, maybe helping you in your studies or in sports, maybe invite him in some of your friends party in school. Just see what he does. If he agrees just hang around with him a couple of times and you will have the chance to ask him his mind. There are moves and stories that tell you exactly what to expect at what time, but then life is different and no same thing happens in a different person's life the same way. Just have faith and go ahead and ask.Sadly there is little that you can do if the there is no response. There are tricks to befriend his friends or others that challenge his mastery and a few that encourages cooperation between the two. It depends on the type of person you are and he is.


I think he does. I do the exact same thing he does around the girl I like and she's all the way at the other corner of the classroom. Sometime she looks back. But I sure know what can caused the not-looking part. Don't try to laugh along with other boys around, and if you want to ask something 'bout school or something, go and talk to him first! We digg that kind of stuff and we feel self-confident. He'll probably like you...


Had fun reading it


I swear when i read this i thought you was the girl at my school who i always stare at(She does too) when we're walking on the hall way. Damn its not you


Well i think he likes you he was probably shy when you asked him out, give it another chance and ask him again.


Try talking to him when his friends are not around, if it is a shy guy then it will probably refuse you again if his friends are there.Still you really should go talk to him if not your going to regret this for a long period.If is not going to work, just kick his azz ^^


Answer to the questionDoes He Like Me?

yes he likes you but is just scared to admit it


HE might just be a little shy

Just ask him if he likes you or not

Tell him you need to know so you can either move on or go with him


IF he does ask him out 


IF he maybe likes some sports then ask him to go to one of the games at your high school or middle school with you


Maybe try double dating or having both of you bring a friend for some dates you know to mix it up


Don't double date every date though or he will never get to have any 1 on 1 time with you and that is a very important thing to have in a relationship


Cutiepatootie365I'd say there is a good possibility he might like you. Just because a guy says no he doesn't like you doesn't mean they are telling the truth for some reason guys lie when they do like a girl.The fact that he doesn't joke with you but he does other people could mean he does like you and he doesn't want to say or do anything stupid around you so don't think just because he doesn't tease you or anything that he doesn't like youAnd if a guy doesn't like you I don't believe he would sit next to you where you would be scrunched up close together cause guys won't usually touch girls they don't likeBut my advice is cause I am older and a little wiser for the wear show him you like him and if he really likes you eventually he will let you know and if he doesn't then move on there are plenty more guys out there who will love and appreciate you.I hope this helps .Shortyrom


junior highDoes He Like Me?

I don't think he likes you, he may be just looking at you because he is checking to make sure you are not looking at him. Do you ever talk to him? Are you friends? If he said no, its probably because he is not interested. The same thing happened to me in junior high, and I really liked him. Try becoming friends first, and be yourself. Its not that big a deal if he does not like you, and if he does, well good for you! But, this definitely sounds like a junior high kind of thing. Best of luck!


why wont he admit he likes me? if he knows i liek him ?Does He Like Me?

he knows I like him and everyone says he likes me, they say jenny cant you see he likes you? I say i don't know what I'm paying attention to, they say when he talks to you he smiles and laughs when he talks to other girls hes just like its cool. And everything I just want to know if he likes me, they say hes just shy,why shy? if he knows I like him? is it that hes just not interested or is it hes scared ? he and I are good friends too he tries to get my attention, we have a lot in common, he always tries to make me laugh when he knows I'm not in a good mood, he doesn't have to he already does, he makes up a nickname for me he calls me that all the time he talks about me to his friends like when his friend said my name he smiled and when he said my name he got red and smiled then I always ask my friend if she could watch if he looks at me ?she said she will and give me a signal  and she says he looks at me so much and he smiles too. (: everyone says its obvious he likes you he told you to get the same shirt and he told em to wear it on the same day, we did. And once my friend was like talken to me and he came around and said hey jenny did you see me sleep in English I said haha yeah I saw then I smiled and jsut turned around then my friend that was looking at me said he looked at me for five seconds then looked sad and sighed(inside look sigh) and looked down and walked away quietly. Could it be he is into interested or he is and just to scared to admit it ? please email back I'm dieing to know.

-reply by jenny


well my names Aliyah and I like this guy from my school and he knows I like him as the rest of the people at my school. Its so weird but cause ive liked him for nearly 5 months now and I know it seems like heaps but with the stuff he does it keeps me hanging on. Kks ill start from the day it all started.. I was taking the morning roll at school and I saw him walking towards me and I looked in his eyes and he looked at mine and my heart started beating fast without me wanting it too. I was with my friend and I remember  I sed to her "omg! did u c dat! omgosh! my heart IS BEATING FAST NOOOOO! she started laughing and she sed she didnt c anything but she noticed my weirdness ahah.! so I started liking him and the whole skool knew. Than one night I had a dream and I was near my locker and his mate called me and he told me he had to speak to me and so in the dream he came to meet me and we walked past my locker out to the door and he sed "I think ure really pretty I just cant have a gf rite now", Than I woke up and went to school and dat day I lived my dream his mate came up to me and told me he needed to speak to me so I went we walked past my locker and out the door like in my dream only difference was that in reality it was meaner ahah he sed that he didnt like me and he just wanted to b friends with me so I was all kool bout it (on the outside) but really I could feel myself slowly dying so anyway after my emo moments (no I don't cut myself but I got sad k!) I started moving on but than after a couple of months he started giving me these weird azz! longest stares evr! I mean it was kool dat he noticed me but the stares started trippin me out! and once I caught him red handed and I stared back at his eyes but after a half a minute I started feeling retarted so I looked away but his eyes remained remained AND REMAINED! I swear it went for a whole 5 mins no bull!! I mean u kno I was moving on but after those stares I mean I dunno he started filling mah head up with hope again! and its everytime he sees me he stares soo,... I dunnno help me u reckon he likes me and he probz looks because he regrets what hes said to me and he wants me to notice him becuase I like completely ignore him at skool I  don't even look at his face I'm ridiciouslyy shy! sooo I dunno I mean if his plan with these STARES! really was so I could notice him it really worked! because I never look at him like the only reason y I don't is cause I wanna show him dat I do have my own life ,with my mates and all u kno I don't wanna show him dat all I wanna do is look at him plus I suckat all dat cus everytime I look at him I get BUSTED! though I have to say hes not a pro either my mates and mah sis bust him out too ahahah !!sooo I dunno I really wanna kno if this guy likes me my friend dats good friends with him told me dat he did have feelings for me and he thinks I'm really really pretty so I dunno please help thanx!


Your story tells me that he does like you. That is also why you have such a long story to tell or type. You have kept a long list of things that have caught your attention. Those were no coincidences. You should believe at least most of your feelings or observations. So I think he does like you.That said. I think there is something that is holding him back. That is why he did not go out with you when you asked him to. That is why he looked at you, paid attention to you, and did all this and all that without talking to you much or asking you out. For some reason, he wanted to keep some distance between you and him. You may want to find out why he is holding back somewhat. Or you may want to stay around him more often so the two of you become closer. Maybe he is simply shy! Who knows? If that is the case, do you still like him? Good luck!


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