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Online Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode


Not sure if I am in the right topic here, but this looked the best one to match my problem.for a while now I have experienced problems when watching online videos such as Youtube (and others, such as Surfthechannel etc. practically anything which provides online video streaming).The problem is: whenever i watch a film clip and switch to full screen mode, at a certain stage the picture freezes. I can still hear the sound, which tells me the film is continuing to run, but the picture stays where it is.When switching back to small frame mode (or whatever you call this), everything goes back to normal, and then I can go back to full screen en carry on watching, until the next time the same thing happens again.My setup is as follows (although I am not sure this has much to do with it, as the same thing happens to my daughter on her computer, and she uses Internet Explorer):Flash version (The latest)Firefox version 3.0.4 (The latest)Pentium D CPU 2.80 Ghz1 Gb of RAMWin XP SP3ATI Radeon X1550 Graphics Card with latest driver.Like I said, I doubt if my setup has got much to do with it, asI am not the only one experiencing the problem, and also, this never happened in the past.Has anyone else come across a similar or the same problem, and does anyone know how to solve it?Thank you very much in advance.


1 possibility is there is some heavy process going on in the background that cause the slowdown of full screen flash playback. Some program might have been running at 100% in CPU resource and cause the video playback out of sync with the sound. Have you tried restarting the computer and play again?Flash is a resource hogging feature that requires quite an attention when it comes to fullscreen display.


Online Films Freeze In Full Screen ModeOnline Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

right click on the flash video and under 'settings' uncheck the 'enable hardware acceleration'

-reply by Tor-Men-Tor



full screen mode freezesOnline Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

I duplicate that question perfectly. I have a very fast machine with 2 cpus and 4 gigs of ram, etc.

It freezes just as you have said, in full screen mode ONLY and the audio continues.

It doesn't matter if it is flash or windows media player, etc. The ALL do it.

I will try the flash acceleration uncheck but for the life of me I cannot imagin how that would handle the windows player on an MPG or AVI.

My machine is a Notebook by Compal one of the worlds largest manufacturers with an Nvideo card that should be flawless.

 Any useful ideas would be appreciated.


Yay InternetOnline Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

Disabling hardware acceleration worked great for me with this problem.  Thanks!

-reply by Absurd Hero


workaround worked for meOnline Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

no problem anymore after disabling hardware acceleration. Thx for the tip, man!

-reply by Bigby


disabling hardware acceleration works!Online Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

I just built a new computer, nice specs and all that. The motherboard has a Radeon HD4200 onboard, which is much better than my last computer's expansion video card.

Maybe the onboard video is the cause of any Flash video locking up in full screen after a few seconds. The audio would continue playing. Even on Hulu, where I assume the commercials and show segments are separate files, sometimes it would hang on a commercial frame and the audio would continue on as if I was listening to the radio.

 Well disabling hardware acceleration in the Flash player options worked perfectly.


-reply by MesmerLab


I also disables hardware acceleration and it works!!Online Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

I had this problem a few times before, but I though my WinXP was the problem or Mozilla Firefox. I disabled hardware acceleration and now it works! Thanks a lot!

-reply by Marius


 Thanks to the one who gave this solution, remove hardware acceleration, works great !



why does disabling hardware acceleration work?Online Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

Thank you for the tip.  But why?  This is a new computer and it has a nice video card.  Does it have anything to do with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit?

-reply by Brandon


Hi. I've been having this problem too, starting a month or two ago I think. I though it was a Flash issue. I don't remember Media Player Classic freezing up on me, but I mostly use it for SD movies. 

I haven't tried disabling hardware acceleration yet, but by the sound of it this should work. But what causes it, and why hasn't it manifested itself earlier? Could it be an ATI thing? I see two other people here also have ATI cards. I have an ATI HD 4850 card for more than a year, but this problem started recently. It does this in ALL browsers (Firefox 3, IE, Google Chrome etc). Maybe the problem is caused by recent catalyst drivers? Is there anyone with an Nvidia or Intel video card which has this problem?

Also, it's not a syncing problem - the image simply freezes on the screen and stays that way until you press "ESC" to exit fullscreen. However, Flash continues working normally even when the image freezes, you can even press the "exit fullscreen" button where the button would be if you could see it (this button as well as the track bar usually is hidden after a few seconds in most Flash video players) and it will exit fullscreen, and when the Flash movie minimizes you see it running normally. So Flash continues running, it's just that the fullscreen image is not updating anymore. Also, I have a quad core and nothing runs in the background.

My system:

Core 2 Q6600 (4 cores), 4GB Ram, ATI HD 4850 with 512MB DDR3, Windows XP SP 2 32-bit. I also have Fraps installed if it could affect this in any way

-reply by Johnny



Thanx alot !! by right clicking and unchecking the hardware acceleration box IT WORKS IN FULL SCREEN MoDE FINALLY!



No option to disable hardware acceleration!!?Online Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

My God, I just wrote a huge paragraph only to have it not upload and be deleted!

AnywaysReal quick: My problem is nearly the same, except instead of freezingThe video just goes out of sync when I fullscreen it. This happens with.Divx files the worst, as well as youtube and flash files; But it neverHappens with Megavideo. If I window-mode it it is okay, but if IStretch the window more than 2/3 of my screen size the video freezesWhile the audio continues.

I have no option to disable hardwareAcceleration anywhere for some reason... And when I try and troubleShoot my display, the 'Change Settings' button is greyed out.

 This never used to happen, and nothing major has changed on myComputer. I removed and re-installed; DirectX, ActiveX, Divx(all ofIt), Nvidia Drivers, Monitor drivers, sound card drivers, and updatedWindows 7 Ultimate.

This is my machine: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.20 GHz 32-bit operating system,  2g RAM

 IRun Modern Warfare 2 without any lag at near max graphics. I've onlyHad this problem in the past two weeks, and it persists even if I letThe video fully buffer. It's ultimately irritating and I'd appreciateAny help anyone has!-reply by Corrupteor


youtube and other videos freeze even in small screenOnline Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

I have a brand new HP laptop with Windows 7 and for the first time in several years and several laptops, I can't watch a video for more than 5 seconds without it loading, or buffering and stopping for a long time, the starting, only to repeat over and over! This is amazing that my  old computer never did this! Help please, but be very detailed because I need to know each step, not very tech savvy...

-question by lpete


Thanks, somewhatOnline Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

Tried the acceleration uncheck.

Yes, full screens now works, but the video is now choppy.

Onward to find a new solution...

-reply by Warren


Been looking at this issue here and there, it is not specific to windows 7 or a particular video card, I have XP and a 4830, the common thread of the complaint seems to be 4xxx series ati cards, maybe others.

-reply by staxontoplyon


Worked for me aswell!Online Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

Worked for me as well!Could it be videodriver related?I installed Win 7 a few days ago and everything worked fine (no freezes) . Yesterday my system (for some reason) broke down and I had to reinsall Win 7. This time though video freezes when watching (flash) video in full screen mode.The only difference (not counting Skype and Filezilla) between these to installs is that I had to reinstall my videodriver the second time  (windows said it didn't install properly at first). Could it be that my driver is somewhat broken?

-reply by Flash


Man I have been haunted by this for months and couldn't figure out the issue. Thank you a lot, the disabling of hardware acceleration worked perfectly.

-reply by Craddle


Online Films Freeze In Full Screen ModeOnline Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

Replying to mrdeeMine has been doing the same thing recently. It will play ok in small screen but when I go to full screen I need to click to start the movie. It needs to be manually switched to each chapter in full screen mode to play. It will also tend to stop and play like a jerking motion and also buffer. Does anyone know how this can be corrected?

-question by Thomas


Disabling of hardware acceleration didnOnline Films Freeze In Full Screen Mode

I tried the  disabling of hardware but nothing happened. This situation has only been going on for only about 2 weeks. There are a few movies that have played since before disabeling of hardware but this hasn't corrected anything. What else can I do? I have reinstalled flash player also.

-question by Thomas

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