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New Macs With Copy Protection (hdcp)


Check out this link for more info


I am tired of people complaining about copyright measures and anti-piracy measures, and then people complain about internet piracy. It's like trying to please an animal rights against the slaughter of animals and butchers.


I can see both sides of this story, The only problem is that the technology is not widespread enough and it seems a bit premature for apple to be adapting this new copy protection. Going on the amount of hardware out there (according to that article) that isn't HDCP compliant.


Internet piracy is rampant, well excuse manufacturers for getting on the bandwagon to try and fight the uphill battle that is curbing internet piracy. Just look at the amount of money that is lost due to internet piracy.


Besides, give it a couple months and no doubt someone will find a way around it.


Has anyone thought about ways around it? Like using an ipod to watch these movies. Noone would be complaining if this technology was standard in many of today's products.


Silly Apple putting their sales at risk. Everyone prefer convenience on technology and they secretly enforce HDCP into their computers? Thats really stupid i would say.


I'm not sure why they would do such a thing. If you can watch it on your monitor why restrict it to being displayed somewhere else? I don't see the point of why you would do this unless I'm missing something here.


Instead of preventing users from viewing content on devices other than those intended, audio and video pirates would simply install another adapter or converter to get the content. Enforcing HDCP doesn't seem to add any value and simply adds to the cost and inconvenience that the regular users has to bear. There's so much that users of Apple devices can't already do, and this just adds to the inconvenience of sticking with Apple.


Much worst is going to be there on OSX Lion. I don't know what kinda feature they are going to use in apple from ipad. I guess if they use lockdown feature or too much commercial bazaar style features then it'll affect their business. It's better not to piss your customers or they'll ditch you. Unlike microsoft apple is working hard on pissing customers off with their lockdown thinking.


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