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Gmx Email Review


I have been using GMX email and I respect them for throwing so many features in that desttop like webmail. I have a big problem with them though. GMX takes ages to load. I really dont like the fact that it opns another window in a browser, even in FIrefox.I think these guys still have a long way mto go until people can start refering each other to their service.


I had never heard of GMX, but according to what I could find out on Wikipedia (its article and a comparison of webmail providers), it seems to be popular in Europe, especially in the German market. And it seems to support POP3 and IMAP, so, if you don't like their webmail access, you can read your mail with desktop email clients, such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora, Correo, KMail, Opera Mail, Lotus Notes, to name the most popular ones.

Anyway, GMX seems to have other limitations: ads in inbox, supports English only (the webmail access) and only IE and Firefox.
So I wouldn't recommend it either.


I just came from there weeks ago... and I'm not coming back!


Very unreliable IMAP suddenly it won't work on my Opera which got me in a hairy situation with my client so I emailed them and up to now have'nt receieved response from them. They are the same company with 1&1 internet and they both offer HORRIBLE service so I'd stay away from them if I were you.


Although you can get good email address at gmx.com as long as you can live with buggy IMAP and terribly slow webmail compared to Gmail. but I can't I need reliable email so I'm sticking with Gmail even if it all good names are taken.


Slow email loadingGmx Email ReviewI hate the fact that you can't copy and paste and a separate windows has to open which take a while to load your email, but beside that their service is great and offer many options.-reply by Rodny



GMX.com is just BLEH!


The webmail doesn't work in Opera (as kerco said) because they are painfully stupid to accept the browser (which supports more standards than any other browser btw.) and they use a script to detect it and refuse access to any user with it. There was a workaround in My Opera forums made by an employee but since 2 weeks ago, they made some changes and the JS fix doesn't work anymore. You can't even mask as either FF or IE because it masks as FF2 and IE6 - both unsupported by the shiny new GMX mail! OOooOh sHinnYY!!


Using GMX's IMAP implementation doesn't help often either because dialogues that say the server is down appear almost every week and the last week the pop-up appeared every 2 mins so I had to take the account offline for it not to nag me!


Definitively NOT recommended!


All the previous discrepencies have been removedGmx Email ReviewYes, I am right, try GMX now and you will know.-reply by Jawad Ahmed



GMX is a good email service. The most interesting part of their service is its ad-free interface that looks like a professional corporate panel. When it comes the the real stuff, email, it allows us to add up to 10 add-on addresses at different GMX domains. We can send and receive emails from one single location. It allows us to collect email from most free email providers including Yahoo, Live, Hotmail and GMail as well as send mail from these addresses. So we can manage multiple accounts from one single location. Another features is their active community participation where users can suggest features which will be implemented as soon as possible.The drawbacks are already discussed here. It is slow, takes a long time to load over a slow connection. Old browsers cannot handle the GMX interface. On a 10 point scale, I would give GMX 8 marks.


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