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W3schools.com Is Down Ask your CSS/HTML/PHP questions here...


Seems that they have exceeded their Bandwidth for the Month, or something.There are several good css/html coders around here that can answer all of your questions, so if you need help, post the questions into the correct forum or sub forum.


As of this post, I believe the site is back. I do not know the reason for the previous interruption.


Well that is shocking a site like that would blow through its bandwidth just like, especially since a website like that should have a few hundred gigs of bandwidth just to keep that site going. Well luckily the website is back so all is not lost, but still interesting that it went down .


I still get a 509 - Bandwidth Exceeded error. I will clear my cache and check once more.


Yup, Bandwidth exceeded from here.


The main site is up and running, but the Support Forum is down due to bandwidth issues.


I am able to access the site....i think they have fixed it now...whatever be the reason...its bad if such things happen frequently ...because i use it very often....


This site is awsome a while ago i wanted to build a website i could design stuff but i couldnt put it together lol i was horrible at coding but i went to that site and i got pretty good i really havent found a site that teaches you how to learn html better then that like i even tried getting a school class for it but nothing worked.anyway why would there bandwidth be exceeded.... like that many people go to there site?


The Site appears to be working fine for me,They must have fixed the problem.


I'm getting the same error as you were getting haslip when going to their support forum, however their forum isn't hosted on the same servers that their website is hosted, it looks like they use IPB to host their forums, unless of course they use IPB's hosting plans for the rest of their website but I doubt it. Here are IPB's hosting plans, I wonder which one they are using.


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