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How To Make Php Newsletter Script


I have seen a post on here somewhere which shows how to make a simple newsletter php script. I cvant find it anywhere and I wanted to ask some questions of the author.Does anyone know the one I mean?Cheers


Have you used the Search feature? or checked the Tutorials Forum?


I think jlhaslip is right. Try to look around in the forums do a Google search for the code and see what you come up with. I've never done it but I also think there must be some application out there that you can install on your site.


Someone posted instructions on how to create the script here. I didn't go through it so I'm not sure if it works.
I also found something that I think you can install on your server. It's called phplist. Judging from the demo pages I think it does the job.


hey i need a system to build a Newsletter With PHP and MySQL. can anyone help on this?


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