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How Do You Think This Picture one or two meaning


hey,graphic wizards.look at the picture carefully and you will find its surprised still on drawing.as if it is not drawn or made by computer,real a mannul making still.could you use software like photoshop to do it?have you made so good picture before?how do you see?



That's a very clever picture, to say the least. You can either look at it as a portrait, or as an archway with two people and a dog.... when I first looked at it I have to admit I viewed it as a portrait...It looks as if it were done by hand, but I don't think it's impossible to do something similar in Photoshop, but you would still need the similar skills in drawing, and would probably require a scan, with colouring in Photoshop... and no, I could never in my lifetime ever create anything so intricate.


Wow, thats really cool. I thought it was a large head at first but the feet beard gave it away

Good Grief Graphics

It could be done in ps if a talented artist used a wacom tablet and had tons of time to spend on it.


It could be done in ps if a talented artist used a wacom tablet and had tons of time to spend on it.


Probably it could. Anyone knows where is the best place on net, for buying wacom tablet? I would love one, for airbrushing in photoshop.

And the picture, it's pretty awesome, but, I dont like the style, It's too old for me, I would prefer something newer, hightech maybe;) but anyway whoever done that picture - It's pretty damn good.


nice pic man! looks really pro! ohnest...


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