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Robot Rights : Right Or Wrong


Hi there.Robots shouldn't have rights, but they can have privileges which can be revoked at anytime anywhere when needed.I disagree with the thought of animals not having feelings like us. They have these basic feelings and emotions, unlike us which are more complicated. Animals cry when hurt, rest if sick and so on.A robot is basically programmed to do things, logic. Doesn't have feelings, it can have sensors but it only adds to its logical options which is very different from human feelings and emotions. They can't get confused since its a river of 1's and 0's.The greatest difference of humans from other animals or from robots is we have this things called "Reason" and "Judgement". And God perfected this Organic Machine upto the smallest cells and atoms, imagine muscles that can move faster than hydraulics or motors. A brain that has a capacity to store a lifetime of memories. We also have this "Instinct" that made us even more human.


its an interesting topic, i dunno how i'd go about thinking about this. if robots become smart enough to think and feel (even if it's just an emulation) then my point of view might actually be leaning to that of a living thing (which just sounds stupid) but i really can't say for sure. i mean, people could love their robots are they do their pets, even considering them equally as important or mentally valued. in this sense, if somebody came along and knocked his robot out (deleting his memory or something) then couldn't you say that its the same as doing it to a dog? i mean pets and such have rights to a degree, with animal cruelty and all... i can't say anything for now, but i do know that this might become a major issue in the future, and i'll take my place then when it actually comes around. its far too un-predictable to make any sort of decision at this point, we don't even have walking, talking emotion feeling super robots roaming around yet.


This topic is quite interesting to me based mostly on the fact that it could be a serious question not to long from now. The main reason for robots and machines is to make life easier for us humans and to help humans in whatever way we can get them to. They're designed to do things better and more efficiently than humans. At the moment robots are limited to mostly pets in Japan, used as a substitute for a pet or as a way to help the elderly be more active. Unless a persons conscious can be uploaded to a robot, in which case the robot wouldn't really be a robot, robots would have to be considered as circuits and wiring. The only rights that seem to make sense for a robot is the rights that would lie in the hands of its owner. If major or complete emulation of a person is achieved, it can be easy to forget that you are talking to a robot and naturally feelings would develop that would encourage you to think of robots more as living things than something completely artificial. I am against the abuse of robots simply because abuse of anything is a bad thing for at least one reason or another. The point of robots is to help humans. But they are what they are, machines, and so their rights should not come before animals and certainly not humans. It is difficult even in this decade to accurately imagine just what it would be like to live with robots so at best most opinions and positions would be part speculation. We've all seen those sci-fi movies where robots become "smart" and turn on us, eg. The Matrix, iRobot and so on. Is that pure speculation? It is too serious to ignore. The "should robots have rights?" game should be played with utmost caution. We have to look at our safety and well being first. After all, the purpose of robots is to make these better.


i for one am against robot rights. i don't want my future where my computer/robot will sue me for overwork but the truth is there will be robot rights.one anime chobits if anyone heard of it. tells us about humanoid robots that are so human that humans don't want to be with another human but just with there chobits(humanoid robots) even if that anime is fiction, one can think of the possibility of robots becoming like us that it is undistingusihable.in human history, animal rights is objected when it is still not law.one analogy is if you have a dog and you love it so much that it became one of your family member like a little sister of something then you wouldn't want that family member to have some rights.for me companionship is the start of a debate about robot rights. the debate will start when robots start acting like us then will have a problem


No, no no no and no. We just don't program the robots to want affection, and free time. We could program them to enjoy caring to our every need, being out slaves. So why not?


I assume everyone has seen the Matrix and the Terminator movies and so I put it like this regardless if they have emotions or what not it is all about the AI. If they can do and think for themselves without our interfering with their lives. Of course the question is how far will humans push to make robotic life be like that? Although we are at the point that some computer AI can think for themselves I don't think humans will allow sophisticated AI to have control of stuff such as nukes. Due to the fact that computer technology is hackable and so anyone with the right skills can change the AI's line of thinking and then program them to think EVIL like, but still we are years from pulling off the AI that the Matrix and Terminator movies are at.So even if we got to a level like that, I would think giving robots some rights to start off with will keep them from going Borg on us.


Robots have no autonomy. Once they do, we can start giving them rights.


Robots are programmed machines. They can be abused as much as wanted and won't give a peep, since they can't. Giving them rights is like giving rights to a rock. There's no point, since they can't act on the rights. The only thing that might happen from prolonged abuse is loss of function. But even then, we can scrap it and recycle it to create a new one.


But back in the olden days, they used to do this to horses too. That is a different story. Horses actually have some autonomy, unlike robots.We cannot just abuse them because we feel like it.


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Animals don't have feelings (or at least not as we have)

I'll take this with a big, fat grain of salt until you show me a link.


Robots are programmed what they are meant to do. There would not be any point in giving robots rights unless they have very advanced artificial intelligences. It would be like giving an inanimate object rights if we give robots without an advanced artificial intelligence rights.They have no emotions which make giving them rights unecessary!If we were to give robots rights, one of three things could happen.#1 They could rebel and doom us all, forcing us to live in a giant convoy protected my an outdated vessel, facing the dangers of space#2 They would live with us in harmony, they would form their own nation and establishing a permanent alliance with us.#3 They would live with us in harmony, they would form their own nation and without warning strike at us, and doom us all... forcing us to live in a giant travelling convoy with barely any survivors facing the dangers of space.So, in my opinion, robots should NOT be given rights, nor should they be given an artificial intelligence...


Robots are just computers that look like humans right? And we don't give our computers rights, do we? O_o Computers are not like clones, they can't feel emotions, and if they do, it's just a programmed script, unlike clones and animals, where the emotions come about from the hormones.


The important issue here is about robots in fact and this is since humans are not very conformable near a machine we would make them look as humans that is we do and because of that later on we would have problems since people would expect that their have right and everything because the problem is if they look like humans many people would think about it like humans however they wil not they are programed machines that just appear on the outside like humans and we cannot give them right on such basis. Though some of ou might think about this as slavery I still don't know why would we incorporate feelings in the first programs about artificial intelligence. However the other issue here is now the problems how would we deal with the artificial intelligence that would develop such level of consciousness that it would work out that we are its suppressors or its slave masters and so on. If you are talking about robots then you have to think about what kind of robots and what level of consciousness it has.

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