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Review My New Design


I've made a new design for my friend's website. You can find it here, http://www.xatre.info/

Please provide your suggestions and opinions about this review.

I'm planning to release this design for free once I complete the site.


I am not going to try and avoid saying this so I am just going to say it. I hate the look of the site, the flaming torches? That ugly background behind the torches? It is just horrible I guess I could say. Overall I rate it a 4/10. My advice is to just completely Re-do the whole thing. Sorry


Erm....the site design is okay, but you should get rid of the animated torches...plus some of the links didn't work.


I agree, I?m completely against animated gifs in websites and those two flaming torches on both sides... it reminds me of ancient times, when Internet was beggining and everybody used gifs just to make a "funny" site. I also wouldnt give it so much width because in high resolutions the lines of text are going to be too long. The rest is ok.6.5/10


I've removed the animating gif as you all said it was bad, any useful suggestions will be most welcome.


Well your title really caught my interest to start, because I'm a Christian. I would assume you are one also.

Here's a few things you could do to add something to this site..

- Make the whole thing around 800 - 600 px wide and center it. Reading content that is wide is often very hard.
- For your links on the side, a rollover should always be lighter, not darker. It's highlighting it, so when it goes over it should light up, not darken.
- Add more to your header. A header is really what draws a lot of interest. Add a photo that is somehow related, something soft.
- Not sure if you can or can't, but I think you should change that maroon color, the grey is good.

Overall, don't let the earlier comments get your confidence down, just keep going. Start with an idea and work with that, you'll be suprised what you can do the more time you put into something.

If you want more help with this, I'd be glad to work with you. PM me.

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There is some things i do not like. For example, the header with the red and darker red does not go along. Not only there's two sets of colors red and white. There should be more colors in my opinion and make it 800 - 600 and center it like arcticsnpr said. You do have the ability to make it better and could make it better. You did a good job, even though i'm not a graphic designer. If you keep up the work and practice, you'll get batter.


i really don't like the color of the links on the left they do not blend in good with the banner.


I don't think the website is really that bad. I know the links don't work, but I assume you will be linking the pages once you've finished creating the content for the site?I don't think the colours are too bad, although I guess that's down to personal preference. The design is basic, but very professional in my opinion. I don't think you need to modify it a lot more. If you're unhappy with the colours you could change those, but I think it looks fine now. I'm using internet explorer 7. Haven't tried accessing on any other internet browsers. I don't know whether there are any problems with the tables in other browsers, but on here it's fine.I'd rate the design 8.5/10.


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