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Question About Posting.


This isn't really a complaint, but i didnt know where else to post it:Since my hosting account is for my coven, do you guys mind if they post under my member name as well? There's only two of them.. and only one is interested. Not sure if you cared, but I figured I would ask.


if you mean the pips?i'm working on that


this is another question about posting but unrelated to the original thread...Everyone here at Xisto knows now that posts only count if they are 3 lines or more. So, my question is, how do you define 3 lines? I am at 800 res and if I were at 1280, that same 3 line post would be like 1/2 a line.


wassie, i think toyclergy is asking if posts made by other people (but logged in as 'toyclergy' still) would be acceptable. i see no problem with it, right admins/mods? as long as you trust the person whowill alternate-post with you, and that person understands Xisto rules and is responsible to maintain your good reputation in the forums. but that's just me. let's wait forthe 'official' declaration from admins/mods.


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