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Ipod, Creative Zen, Or Iriver?


I'd love an iPod. They really are great devices. Mostly love the huge space and how you get around in your music. It's great. But I'll probably never have the cash for one considering I'm gonna have to pay for car insurance and gas soon. Anyhow, I got a Zen Nano for Christmas last year, and, simply put, I love it. It's probably got one of the best interfaces for small MP3 players. It's not one of the big, movie ones, but it's enough for me. Since I mostly use it for storing files anyhow. =PGreat sound, and the price is crazy now. 60$ for a 512, is pretty impressive. Plus it looks cool.


i say my costom mp3 player lol200 gigs my own little os script player thingy... no games tho... it has a nice little lcd screen coustom made... and well i think it just kicks **bottom** lol...


man if a compny would to make cutom mp3 players for peple they would be raking in the cash! ^^^ that is a really good idea since there isn't much choice, i mean you got your 512's (couple of good ones but not a lot of space) then you got you 5/6 gigs (apple and iriver mainly, iriver probally better) then your 20/40/60 gig ones that should have a lot more features but cost a lot. like if i wanted a mp3 player that plays mpeg's aswell and has space i would probally go for the iriver h340 cuz it has more space than the h320 and ipod videos work of there own format (mp4 crap)


dude, r u crazzzzyy,IPODS OWN(especially my 60gig)


I never heard of Iriver... but NEVER buy Creative Zen... it really sux... i bought it once becuz it's cheap... but the device never last long..... somehow i was never able to on that screwed up mp3....I now own a 60GB Ipod video.... honestly speaking, it's already half screwed @.@


IPOD: Im totally against IPODs... I hate them. They look bad, yet they're really expensive! Also, its not user friendly either, it took me almost five minutes to get it to work. I'll never ever buy an IPOD, if I get one for christmas, then i'll just give it away to someone else. Also, the accessories a UBER-EXPENSIVE! Just to get that Bose speakers, it costs about $299. Now thats even more expensive than the IPOD you bought. The cheapest accessories i've seen are the headphones for $15. Wow.ZEN: I just bought one of those a month ago [ZEN MicroPhoto 8GB for $150]. It was worth the buy. It looks good, its userfriendly, there are no buttons at all, but just a touch pad which is great. I got the black/white color and it looks great with the blue lights around it. Its really nice, and it also comes with an FM radio. Also, anothing thing good about it is that you can replace its battery pack just like a cellphone. Now thats a lot better than an IPOD because once the batteries are dead, they're dead and you're gonna have to buy a new IPOD. I also like the Zen because you can change its wallpapers and stuff. Which is really cool, instead of the IPODs blank white background. I also like its metal casing, it doesnt break when you put it on your pockets. It doesnt even get any scratches!Iriver: I never seen, or owned an iriver before. But one of them looks a lot like a ZEN [the up and down scroll buttons]. I've heard they look good, but the price doesnt.Samsung: The new Samsung K5 is really awesome. There are no buttons at all. Its just a touch screen. I also love the built-in speakers. No more need for headphones and it sound great! Problem, the 2Gigs one cost about as much as a 8Gig Zen [$149]. But its worth buying!


Well while everyone else is at it, I'll add my boo to the Ipod... Same reasons as everyone else. Just because they were first doesn't mean that they are the best and can charge the most.
I have to admit they have a nice interface but I have heard too many stories about deteriorating battery life. Or the classic Ipod behavior of deciding to never turn on again.
Plus you can't deny that they are ugly!!!

As for the Zen of Iriver, I haven't heard enough about them. The few people who have them seem to like them but I've only seen a couple.

Right now I am using a Neuros 442. There is no denying it that this product is not particularly good. The unit is rather large with a poor interface but it does have a large (3.7 inch) screen with good battery life(5 hour video, 9 audio). It only sells in a 40 GB model but if you know almost anything you can open it and replace the HD with a standard laptop drive. Right now I am waiting for the Neuros 442v2. Neuros offers an awesome upgrade plan charging 99$ to upgrade from to a V2 when it comes out.

I am surprised that no one has mentioned the Archos players. My cousin has gotten an Archos g-mini. It is a 30GB audio, picture and video player that boasts a built in camera. The camera takes pictures that are roughly the same as a decent cell phone and also works as a basic camcorder. It is a wonderful idea, people carry MP3 players a lot more often than camera. I have seen many rather funny videos captured by this little unit.


ipod have all we need


I think all three brands are good at producing quality music but iPod is not a practical buy! It's quite expensive.. whereas, creative and iriver will give you a lower price with MORE features!!!!

I haven't tried any of them so I don't know. I have a mp4 from Pisa and I got it only for 50 dollars. It's about 1 inch in height and 2 inches in width. It's got 256Mbs of space and you can only put 99 songs on it but it plays videos and its colored so I think it's worth it.


I've got an iPod, but I want to get an iriver. I've heard good things about them. I definitely won't be getting another iPod. I've had trouble with mine.


A Creative Zen is definitely my choice.

Creative mp3 players are generally of very good quality. They reproduce sounds perfectly and have much better battery life than ipods. Creative is renowned for its Sound Blaster, Audigy and XiFi series sound cards and therefore have plenty of experience when it comes to sound.

Various creative zen mp3 players have gotten numerous Cnet editor's choice awards before.

The only drawback that most creative mp3 players have is that they look really ugly. But the latest Zen Neeon 2 is one of the few zen mp3s that look nice. Sworn iPod users should seriously consider converting.

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i thnk i pods provide quite a huge memory space n r very much compatible rather thn oter similar products.....if it is expensive thn it also hs mny features like huge hard disk space, ability to run music, mp3, videos, etc.....u cn say a mini computer in itself.....hence they r the best no doubt about it...


I think you definatly have to go with iPod. They are so popular now that you can get about whatever you want for it. You always see those 3rd party companies making accessories and adapters and stuff for the iPod, not Iriver or other lesser known MP3 players. Apple is getting to the point now where the volume of their sales with the ipod is so high they have begun cutting prices. To get something from a competitor with equal amounts of space/features it will cost you more. Ipod sells a much higher volume so prices will drop, in hopes to sell even more.You just cant match the positives that have came out of the ipod due to the widespread popularity of it.


iRiver was good before the Ipod craze started. But I personally prefer Ipods. You get the best out of everything. The music is good, video quality (for such a small screen) is good, it's user friendly, the memory capacity isnt bad either. With the memory space available, I even use it to back up my PC files. It also serves as a good storage for photos on the go. The only downside is that it's quite fragile and people usually freak out when their ipod starts to hang.


IPOD is the best


COWON!!!Ipod, Creative Zen, Or Iriver?

I'm surprised that not one person has mention cowon! these players have not only unquestionably the best sound but also one of the best battery operation times. I laugh that there are people here that have been bought into the idea that ipods are the best; while ipods are great machines and may be the perfect choice for you, you cant simply call them the best. Each and every person has their own perfect player, they just have to find it.I personally just bought the S9 and the player is fantastic! my friend owns an ipod touch and is envious of me

-reply by sickley


The original post is extremely old, but I'd like to add that I was asking this very same question at about the same time. I went with the Creative ZenVision M and it has been a great little thing. I've used it for music. I've used it for videos. Okay, those are the obvious ones, but I've also used it for ebooks, recording movies/tv shows by using it as a small external hard drive, I use it as a guitar practice tool and I used to use it as a small portable hard drive for transferring things that were bigger than 1/2gb flash keys could hold.?Awesome thing!! Still using it years later.

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