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Opening Our Minds, It's Happening In My School Thanks to the small Bi/Gay community


@ not knowing your sexuality at young ages
Don't you just love how to world seems to thing that people under the age of 18 are un-capable of making decisions on their own? I mean, what does being 18 have to do with anything? You have to be 18 to move out of the house, you have to be 18 to be able to do something on your own without the consent of a parent or guardian. And NOW you have to be 18 to determine whether you like guys or gals? I don't think that's appropriate, i think that people under 18 should be able to make decisions on their own, but on some things need permission to do, like field trips for school, getting out of school early (Early Dismissals).

When i say make their own decisions, i don't mean make MAJOR decisions in their lives, I'm talking about minor ones such as whether they like guys or gals.

But as you said keri-j, hopefully someday the world will grow up and realize that there is an elite group of people out there who are under the age of 18 and are capable of making decisions on their own with having everybody and their mother contradict what the decision is (Everyone and their mother is basically saying EVERYBODY)

Well, if your under 18 you can like girls or boys.
But you cannot marry them, you can't also hold a big responsibility.
It's now set to 18 because in our world most people under 18 can't hold complete responsibility for themselfs.
And our parents must guard us to do anything because in this world, there are many things that could happen without a guard, such as making a big mistake which no one can stop you, breing kidnapped which no one can save you or even know about it. But most people above 18 can take care of themselfs, they have more strength, more wisdom and more experience.
Our parents do not want us to risk our lives to just do something.
Think of when your a kid. You do funny stuff and sometimes really silly.
But when you are a kid, you think it's ok.
And for liking girls or boys, why not?
some of our parents do let us do that, some does'nt.
If my parents is like that, why not try explaining things to them?
Some do not let us like girls or boy because they are afraid that we will have a baby.
Some parents are wise enaugh to trust you.
They explain to you that why we cannot do this or that, and not keeping you from the problem but solving the problem.
for example:
As mother A:
she explains why we cannot have a baby with each other, why we cannot be too close to each other.
she explains about the law, and why our law was set like this.
she thinks that you are big enaugh to think for yourself, because you already hit puberty(or how it's spelled).
now you end up understanding them, and control yourself.
As mother B:
she stops you from going into a girl/boy, stops you from having love.
making you confused, why can't you be with someone you like? Why can mom be with dad?
Why must I be 18 first??
now you end up mad, and sad...

As for being a gay/lessbian, it's ok, but for unwise/unopen minded parents, they think it's bad because they think "I don't even do that, no one normal does that" or "gay guy looks like a girl/not man, my son is gay? It's abnormal!" They need to understand...it's not about the new generation, new thoughts, mutation or you are a bad person, it's just absolutly normal!
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Sorry for having to disagree, but you're only 13 man. You can probably only remember like the last 7 or 8 years of your life. It's way to early to label yourself as bi when you haven't even fully matured yet. Everyone was 13 once, and I'm sure everyone else will agree how naive you are when you're 13.And with the greatest amount of respect possible, isn't it a huge oxymoron to be openly bisexual and go to a catholic school? I mean, Christianity teaches tolerance, but I'm shocked that you are still allowed to go there.


I only go to the school because it's a good school and I want to good employment prospects, and I know that my parents want to give me a good start in life; go to a good school, get a good job, have a nice life. And even if the teachers at the school knew that I was gay/bi/whatever, it would be illegal for them to kick me out, human rights . I am fairly mature for my age, but I do agree that I'm not 100% sure... That is, I know I'm either gay or bi... I just don't know how much and in which direction.



A boy in my school who I get on with fairly well said that he disliked bisexuals because they were just gays who were trying to keep some normalcy, I can see what he means (even though it is not so in my case, because I'm not very sure of my sexuality) and I can see that what he says can go both ways. I have a friend who is 16, he says he's bi, but I've never seen him with a boy... I have however seen him with various girls. Most of his friends are gay, and I think that maybe he's saying he's bi for a bit of normalcy... interesting.


Everyone knows about Gay/Bi people. But it is the upbringing, it is due to their parents on how they react to them. The prober understanding of why people are gay/bi would expand their minds on society. Look at america for example, they empraced the gay nation and they have nearly appceted it. People are free in america, and now are even more so. But for us Brits they is phobos of gay people. And I think they will be for a long time to come.

Unregistered 012

yeah, I've got an opinion I'm sick of all those queer and bi and straight people giving me strange looks and sometimes kind of insulting remarks for throwing in the keyword "asexuality" when they're talking about sexual orientations. It's not like I'm encouraged to tell anyone that I'm asexual when I get remarks like that... (well, it's way easier to tell this stuff on the net - I can choose to ignore anyone attacking me for that...)
well, I'd sign your opinion if you'd mentioned asexuals

-edit- there was an error in one of my sentences, making it kind of hard to understand. *fixed*

Umm... Doesnt asexual mean like one person?


Ya there are gays, bisexuals and all of that at my school too. but i dont make fun of them or anything like that. i talk to them like i would talk to my strait friends and whatnot. i am strait and always will be too.

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