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Changin My Phpnuke Directory...please Help


ok i wus fantastico to install my nuke...it asked me to give it a name for its directory so ive put down "nuke" so to get to my site ud have to go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; but now i want to change nuke into something else more related to the site...i was wondering if any1 can tell me the best way to do that...thanks

Albus Dumbledore

well, i havent dealt with phpnuke before, but i would say the easiest way would be to go into the administration of PHPNuke and change the URL for the site to change it to the NEW directory that it will be in, then you simply change the name of "nuke" to the NEW directory name, and it should work that way....


its not that simple lol cuz then i dont know know if everything thats in that directory changes along with it to b able to link itself correctly so everything works

Albus Dumbledore

well if PHPnuke is smart enough like other things online (forums, poll etc) if you go into the administration panel and change the URL to the NEW directory, it should automaticy tell the rest of the system to grab all of the images for the skin from the new directory instead of from the old one... same with the links, it should automaticly change itself to make it point towards the new directory unless you had to type in the links by hand, then you need to go and change those by hand.

but if you change the name from 'nuke' to 'whatever' before you change the URL it will be more difficult to change the URL you would either have to go into the config file and change it by hand, or into PHPMy Admin and change it by searching through the logs..

if you want to wait for someone more knowledgable and who might tell you "Yeah do ____" then go ahead lol


i just installed phpnuke onto my site....

i logged into the administration panel, and went to prefrences (spelling) and edited my url from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

i went into my file manager and changed the name of the directory to change and then went to the new names directory and was fully available to navigate the PHP Nuke system...

so id say that works....
but now the only problem is, if you posted a link somewhere on PHPNuke on your own... like for say you added a link to the download page on the index page.... then you would need to go in and change that by yourself... because since the system didn't put that in, it is somthing the system will not change...

catch my drift? if no just say and ill explain more, if it can be explained more >_<


hmm well what if i didnt want that sub domain and just wanted it to run off my actual domain lke...http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ instead of nething after .com like /nuke how would i do that??


With Nuke you dont have to specify a directory, you can install it directly onto your domain. Just leave the directory section blank when you install it.I appreciate that doesnt help with your current problem tho.If I was you I'd do a quick sql backup, backup all your nuke files, uninstall your nuke, install it again on your domain & just overwrite the nuke files in public_html with the ones you backed up. Do the same with your sql tables & the only difference to your site you will notice will be the new url


wow thanks for the adice but that sounds very risky heh i really wanna do that but i dont want to mess up n lose something ya know?? but ill see about that

Albus Dumbledore

well thats really the only way to do it.... for what you are wanting to do..loljust go into the Cpanel back-up tool and download the PhpNUKE MySql database and put it on your computer, then delete the current PHPNuke You have on there now, then re-install it onto the main directory instead of /nukebut i think you would still have to change the URL in the prefrences before you make the back-up and un-install it....


well i just tried it....and it said its url wus http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ when i went there it showed the Xisto index page...so i had to add in index.php after the domain...i really shouldnt have to do that should i...how can i just put in the domain name n have it direct me there...


I really cant understand what you want exactly but as far as im reading you want to access to your PHPnuke index page from your domain (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/)
Well, i can try to tell you step by step how to get it:
1) Backup your database by going to the Administration menu, you see there the backup button (its preferrable to start a fresh installation of the entire CMS, so if you really dont have valuable content yet dont do this)
2) Go to your fantastico panel and unistall your current installation of Nuke.
3) Now, enter to your FTP and delete the .html files that are located on the root directory of your site and public_html folder. (im not sure how if those are the only that makes conflicts at the time or installing nuke, but if you got more errors, post )
4) Now make a new installation of nuke with fantastico, but this time, leave the directory name field empety, and fill every other field there... )
5) Click on the button Install, if you got errors like this:

The installation can not be completed:
- You chose to install in the main directory of the domain migue.trap17.com, but there are conflicting filenames, therefore we can not proceed. Following filenames already exist in the main directory of the domain boaw.trap17.com (path="/home/etc.../etc.../").You must manually remove these files before proceeding with auto-installation:

then you must locate the files that tells you fantastico in that path= line, and erase them, but if everything goes fine, then you are done!

Good luck, hope this helps

BTW if when opening your site it shows the default Xisto index page then you didnt erase complety the index.html that is on the root directory.


well ima back it up...then ima reinstall the phpnuke i guess to the actually domain name only with no directory...but im really scared that i might mess sutin up and lose most of my things im actaully gunna take everything from my old nuke put it into the comp...then install the new nuke and then if nething is lost...ill just upload the lost things or w.e and also upload the backup files


Its not so much simple and easy to move your preinstalled PHP-Nuke in any other directory.The best way is to install new and clean PHP-Nuke and than backup you previous SQL Data and than import it in new installation...........may be this will work........or may be i am wronge as i never try this before.......


I did what ive suggested a couple of weeks ago when I upgraded the fantastico nuke to nuke-max.With your ftp, manually move all your nuke files to the top level (you should be able to drag & drop), that way you know you wont lose anything. When the new installation is done just drag them back & it should automatically overwrite duplicate files.


I just found out that also the .htaccess file interferes with the CMS installation and the images folder that comes into the public_html folder must be renamed, cause Nuke and many other CMS's uses the same name for their images folder.


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