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How Do You Make A Basic Mmo


ive been a fan of games like RuneScape (MMORPG) where multiple players can log into their account, and move around an environment. I would really love to know how to make one of these. I dont have idiotic hopes of making a great big cool game and making money, i just want to understand how they do it. ive seen some programs mentioned here like RPG Maker...are these good for making this?i want to be able to-have 2 or more people log into an environment-click to move around-and chat to each otheralso, although RuneScape is java-based, ive heard that java is "on the way out". What would be the best programming language to do it in and how?if anyone has any links to good tutorials or programs or anything that might help, please post! Thanks!


Firstly, you need to know how to network a game and keep multiple simultaneous connections. This can be hard to do, and you also have to make sure you're not using too much bandwidth. You also have to have all the data about where people are and what they are doing sent to each person. However, once that's done, implementing a chat system would be relatively easy.Clicking to move around would not be too hard, unless you want to do it in 3D. After you get your 3D engine working, you have to have the game figure out exactly where the user is clicking in the 3D world, which might take a few calculations.As for the language, Java is pretty easy to use, but most games are made in C or C++. If you want 3D, OpenGL is good. I'm pretty sure stuff like RPG maker only do single-person RPGs, which means you'll have to work out your own RPG system.Just a closing thought, I don't think I've seen any good 2D top-down MMORPGs, so if you wanted to do that, it could be fun.


And also isnt needed to know how to syncronize the players over the 3d world? cause i ve seen that people making online games for example, FPS ones, they need to sync the way people shot and the people who receive the impact.So i think thats the same like when talking to people in Runescape, or giving items, or following them..


Yes, that's the "have all the data about where people are and what they are doing sent to each person" part. But you make a good point, it is also necessary to send non-player things, like magic or bullets, enemies, and NPCs to each person. You also need to make AI to control the enemies and NPCs. A basic storyline wouldn't be a bad idea, and things like quests are common.


I wouldn't bother attempting an MMO game. Everyone and their grandmother wants to jump that bandwagon and very very few make it. 99% of all Indie MMO games fail miserably. What you need to do is learn how to code single player games well then move on to network code things like sockets, client/server models etc. After you get a game up where multiple people can connect to then and only then should you delve deeper into the mmo rabbit hole. C++ with openGL or DirectX are definitely the best tools to use and learn although Java is a lot easier to learn and much more suited towards the internet.

Shunkan Idou

Well, I agree with the poster above me...But if you must know, I suggest that you start with something simple such as the Mirage engine (the mother of most modern mmorpg engines). The source is available somewhere, so it can be FULLY customized unlike most of those other more modern versions of Mirage such as Player worlds, and a few others.


I personally don't like Java. It takes too long to load!


So Can you make an MMORPG using Ruby scripting. And links or tutorials for all of this stuff would be a big help please...


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