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Scrolling Images? How to Make an Image Scroll With the Page


I'm trying to make my homepage look a little fancier and I've got a nice background image, but I want it to scroll with my page, like if you scroll down the image will still appear like it does on the top of the page. Can someone tell me how to do this? I'm using Microsoft Frontpage to edit it. I'm not sure what programming language this would be, probably CSS or Javascript, but I can edit the page script with Notepad or something to make this work. Right now the page is purely HTML, so whichever language this is, can somebody also give me the tags and markups to make the script correspond with the new language? I appreciate your help.


I believe what you are looking for is fixed background. Check this website http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and see if you can use their method.


Well personally I do not like that. But it is your website. So you can do whatever you want with it. There could be a special code you put into it.


Put ths in your <body> directive and it will keep the background in place while everything else scrolls.


scrolling images

Scrolling Images?


Hi I noticed you guys talking about scrolling backgrounds or "fixed" backgrounds and ive seen what I need done done on myspace before would you know how to make an image scroll with the page while everything else stays in place?


-reply by Dylan Drennan


How to scroll an image along with the page

Scrolling Images?


I have an image on a web page and I want this image to scroll as the page scrolls.Can you provide me with the javascript code for doing this.




-reply by Praveen


I believe that you can do this with layers.  On the main, set the background-attachment property to scroll.  Overlay this with a <div> block that is anchored at whatever point that will contain the things that you want to remain still.

If this doesn't work exactly, overlay the page first with a div with a scrolling background and then place a <div> with no scrolling or only overflow scrolling under it (so it's not inheriting anything) and put you text in this second <div> block.  also make sure the second div has no background or it will cover the first. 

-reply by beefdr


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