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My Carpet Boarding Site The first official site


I know what your thinking, carpet boarding? Haha i know, but my videos of carpet boarding were so popular i made a site. I would love for you guys to tell me what you think of it. And if you carpet board, or are going to after seeing the videos look under the submit section.


It amazes me the number of threads that get posted on this site (doesn't seem to happen as much elsewhere) in which people ask for reviews of sites and then forget to post the link.


Damn i'm sorry. I looked over it too.

its http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/



It isn't too bad. Interesting sport you got there by the way. Has a nice organization and easy to get around. I like the expandable content boxes. I would recommend expanding a bit to make things more compatable with Firefox for the same effect. Nice job overall.


I would recommend expanding a bit to make things more compatable with Firefox for the same effect.

What do you mean? The Navigation boxes on the sides or the pop-up boxes for the videos?


it wont show for me.. but i think it might be my browser


Really what browser do you have? I tested it in netscape, firefox, aol browser, and IE and it worked ok. There were a few problems with each one, but it never not showed up. What browser so i can fix it.


Well when it loads is told me to go to IE, perhapse you should try to get rid of that little suggestion.Also, I know it has nothing to do with design, but how bout a link, "Don't know what this is?" or "What's Carpet Boarding?"Wait I found it, but still didn't tell me anythin about it, and perhapse the link shouldn't be under the Legal section. No offence but teh descritpion looks like an assignment you were given in school but you didn't quite know what it was either, so kinda skirted around the topic at hand.


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