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Sandisk 512 Mb Cruzer Mini Usb Flash Drive Great Flash Drive


wow you put it throught the wash and it still worked that is so cool!, ive got a pny attache and that is bomb proof lol ive done loads of stuff with that including putting it in the dish washer! one of these days its gonna dye on me though, when i plug it in it taks 1 min to register loloww well looks like its time to get a scandisk lolwell see kyle


besides the washer there's nothing special about this? It's not sooper small, or compact, or anything? I don't see why I'd go through the hassle to go to froogle and purchase one if it's like every other fash drive.


I needed a new USB drive so I went out and purchased a 1GB cruzer mini because they were on sale. I don't think there is really much advantage over any other USB drives. It just looks nice and lights up when plugged in.


haiya....why not buy a external hardisk notebook size which offer 40Gb ,60Gb, 80Gb,120Gb or even more. with tats size u can even put it in ur pant's pocket. and its price is much much worth compare with the flash drive not blif ya....okay, now u go computer shop and ask them the price. Shock hor, so cheap. 40Gb = 40 x 1Gb flash drive. Then 40 x 1Gb flash drive is how much price? use it compare with a 40Gb external hardisk. u sure find the best thing u should buy. i currently use a 40Gb external hardisk now 2 :)year already and still ok.


512MB is probably two small in nowasdays standard. I don't mean that you have the get the hugest USB drive when you a looking for one in the market, I just mean that you in terms of storage/cost ratio, 512MB is not at a bargain, even for famous brands like Sandisk. I have been using sandisk SD card for quite a while and I gound no sadvantage of it compared to storage cards of other brands. There is, however, another production line by this manufactorer, one that hypes it high speed. After reading your post, I think I will give this line a try -- as it is so well made.

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