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wow. .i'm pretty sure if google OS is actually true.. then it would be filled with google ads.. example of their free gmail service. .they still have one link of ads. Since i have 56k .. this would suck. .because it would probably use some of my bandwidth.. even though it isn't much.. i would preferr to get the full bandwidth from my 56k modem =PI'm sure google os won't match up with windows in the beginning because they don't really have much experience in computer OS. WOw.. google just started to grow since like last year till now. .and they already overcome most of the internet search engine such as yahoo and askjeeves. And their gmail offering 2.6 gb of space for gmail is just crazy.. even though i don't believe everyone will actually get 2gb of space. .but that is pretty crazy to annouce.. if one day.. people just filled their inbox with mp3 and attachments.. ahaha.. i wonder what they would do. I seriously think google is trying to get microsoft out of bussiness..... msn and yahoo have to work together to go against google... and now the OS.. trying to compete with microsoft window.. hmm. .wonder what next.. .google game console?.. to overcome microsoft xbox and sony playstation? HAHAHA..


I really do hope Google sticks with their OS and makes it a force to reckon with. We need more options out there, but at the same time have a certain level of compatibility between them. That's the biggest issue with these varied OS', but open source linux and retail windows will never mesh completely. After all what will make you stick with windows when linux is free, if these programs were cross OS compatible..

They are not trying to sway existing Microsoft clients (although that may happen in the slight percentile), but rather entice other linux users to their OS. Google really has the financial backing to produce an OS that in time can rival Windows in functionality, and that's what they're clearly trying to do. If anyone can rally an open source community it's Google.

With large communities sectored around various linux flavors coming together under one kernal, they can really hit the ground running. And most importantly ignite a greater wave of software compatibility.

It's really interesting to see just how this will flow together.

hmm. .wonder what next.. .google game console?.. to overcome microsoft xbox and sony playstation? HAHAHA..

Knowing Google they'll offer it free of charge, but include adsense


Rich Skrenta said:

Even though everyone's down on Google these days, they remain the most interesting company in the world and I'm optimistic about their potential and success (while also apprehensive about the prospect of using Google for absolutely everything someday...I'll be cursing the Google monopoly in 5 years time). If they stay on target with their plans to leverage their three core assets (which, if Gmail is any indication, they will), I predict Google will be the biggest and most important company in the world in 5-8 years.


I wonder how Google is going to manage as the other Gains Yahoo and Microsoft have started competetive services to Google. Hope thay would provide quality services.


google cant make new os , because its very hard and mybe imposible !!i think google just help linux to improve

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