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Trap17 I learned something new about yall


Ok dont take this the wrong way but i have only been a member less then a week and i visited the site/ forums maybe 10-20 times already and every single time i come here their is drama and what ive learned is theirs way 2 much tension around here people need to learn to relax and have patience am i wrong?i hope no one takes this offensive but its true were here to have fun and be friends and get along as 1 big successful community are we not??and oh ya your shoutbox isnt working i hope ya"ll know that...lol Please dont get mad at my post i just felt it needed to be said i dont mean any harm by it i feel terrible posting it but something is tellin me i need 2 be heard and ya"ll need 2 take a look around at whats going on people need to relax

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Has someone done anything for which you feel they need to relax ? Your point is not clear to me.


Makes me think of another forum I post on. Some1 is like new to forums and stuff and double posts and they start yelling at him and all that. He had said some things you would say in an IM and not forums like "g2g to basketball" that was taken from there, I dont think it is the exact thing he said but anyways he was like a noob to forums and they start yelling at him and all that. I was made a moderator and cleaned some of that up. I think he'll stop doing what he did because I merged all of his posts and told him not to double post. But it reminds me of there. And the tension reminds me of diablo 2. 2 people on my friend lists are always fighting. Or almost always. One would say "Take your shako." and the other would say "You keep it, I don't want it." If I had some logs of it, than you would see what they did but I wasn't using a bot. But if you wanna see some of the stuff said on the forums, its at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Its snards forums.


Well, not to be on the confronting side but when the board does not enforce strict rules there will be members who will not follow them. When members are starting to disobey rules you'll have one untidy forum. When a forum is disorganized the lack of proper service will lead to termination of free web hosting (the benefit of being active in this forum).So which one would one choose, follow rules and everybody benefits free hosting or loosen the rules and perhaps this forum shutting down in a year or two later?Don't look at it as drama or being too strict when a newbie joins this forum, but look as it as firm guiding hand so that a newbie does not derail in the future. Besides, how many times can we stress "READ PINNED TOPICS" or "READ THE GUIDE"? Would one drive a car without learning the basics first? It's a rhetorical question that only oneself can answer.


well said buff, beleive me their is no tension on this website until someone decides that breaking the rules is more important then having fun. believe me people on this forum have fun and we let them go loose but we make sure to control it before it gets out of hand.


I am sorry to say I can't understand you. If anyone has done anything wrong and offended you, then please say so, so we can make it right. But I do believe that the Admins and Mods at Xisto are of the HIGHEST ability in running the board both effectively and smoothly. They are also very friendly, but Xisto does have rules, and I will be the first to admit they are enforced strictly, which, in my humble opinion, is great. I feel that if you are not happy at a very strict forum, then you can always join another, but no one else has a big problem with the way things are run. So I think we are heading in a forward direction. But please make your post more clear, I don't know what your point is. Anyway, enjoy the forums, they are great.


Everybody has stress, it comes and goes. Sometimes people may get stressed but there are different types of stress, sometimes we show and sometimes we dont, if you get what I mean.Yeh sure we can tell everybody to calm down when they are mad but put yourself in their shoes, its hard to calm down when your life is full of stress.I used to get stressed a lot and people kept telling me to relax but I couldnt. Eventually I did but it takes time. The more we talk together here the more relaxed we will become.


I think Marine187 formed his opinion too fast...he let it out even faster :PMarine if you can suggest ways of improving the rules, after reading them, it would be great. I am sure the moderators of this forum are cool with that. But i don't see the point in criticizing something you may not have fully understood.That's my 2 cents. take it or leave it. don't criticize me.


I haven't seen any "Drama" here yet. I like this place.


yea the atmoshphere is a little "tense" its becouse its a very, very big community. Im active another forum like this ... for hosting free/paid and there are not so many members and i know a lot of people... then i feel relaxed...here you cant notice people becouse of the fast posting and discusion.But if you chose your teme for conversation there should realy be anyproblem...


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