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What Is Love? ????


Well some people think they find there true love and *BLEEP* and it makes me sick. I mean hell I at one point thought I found my true love and that was because we had sex but that didn't make them my true love. I later dumped them and went out and had sex with someone else. Can someone tell me what true love is? Is it feeling something deep within your stomach or what?I have been trying to figure this out for about 2 months and can never find out what it is. I read articles and find FAKE meanings!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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You can't define what love is - it's different for everyoneYou'll know once you're in it though, believe me


The matter of love is the biggest puzzle to the human mind, as noone can define love nor explain why it exists. I'm going to put it simply by quoting something that has been said by nearly anyone: "If you ask what love is, you'll never know".


Anybody else hear the song in their mind when they saw this question? >_>


You really can't define love. You have to feel it for yourself. But I do agree that people who have gone out for 6 days and say that they're in love are really annoying.


I believe there was a scientific study, though, about love. If I recall correctly it concluded something like love stimulates a certain portion of the brain that other things (things like friendship, infatuation, up to sex) don't. It also said that love is something that most people actually need on a subconcious level. Unfortunately, I don't have a link- I saw it on the news a month or so ago.


Love is whatever you make of it. However, I've always associated love with the feeling of missing someone or something when they're not around. Not a bad kind of missing, it's just like they're not where you are and you'd like them to be but you can go on with your day because you know that everything is still okay when they're not around - they simply make everything better.I sort of follow, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" logic.


Love is whatever you make of it.

For some reason, seeing you say that reminded me of two quotes I read in books which are very relevant today. One is, "Everything in life is what you make it", and the other is, "No word has a definition - we have definitions for words". The truth of the matter is, love is what you make of it - it's what you think love is that makes it what it is.


This kind of helps me but I was really hoping there was a real definition of love. I mean that you could tell. Im kind of dissapointed but you all tried you best to help me out and thats what counts. Thanks and cheers all!!!!


Im sick of the people who go around trying make love out to be something like a boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship. I have a number of people in my life, and i may love a few, don't mean there my girlfriend!Some people get mixed up between Love, Lust, and just looks'likes of people!


Well, I have never really been in love before but to me is knowing someone really well that you like a lot and they know you very well. You know each other so well you can guess what the other will say before they say it. You enjoy doing the same things together and you have some sort of connection. Doesn't really have to be looks but that is good too. I think you just have to feel right about that person, so right you can't stand to be away from them. Love though is really what you think it is I guess.


Ah Love a many splendid thing and the source of millions of people's anxiety and frustration. Its the source of many communication problems between men and women. When I got my first degree in college I had to take a interpersonal communications class. One of the things that we learned about was love. There are several types of love and I outlined them from a book on one of my websites. Here is a quote from my website https://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/ :




Intense form of love based on physical and psychological attraction.




A romantic form of love; intensive, obsessive, and painful.

Characterized by lack of control by a lover.




A form of love which the primary goal is contentment and avoidance of pain.




A form of love that is a extension of friendship, comfortable

but laking intensity.



These types of love show you that you can honestly say I love you to

many people.  I can honestly say that I love most people.

Some people I don't like much but love them anyway.

Most of all Love is just a crazy thing.

Quick note: Jamie Lee Happy was the name I went by when I first entered the internet. I was concerned about identity and such things. I honestly did not know anything about the internet and decided this was the best way to protect myself. The internet was quite new then. Much has changed as I have in my view of the internet.


Now back to the subject at hand. As you can see above there are a few definitions of types of love. Something to also consider is that Sex does not equal love. Sex is a purely physical thing. Often times people who are in love with one another do have sex. But people who are not in love also have sex for the pleasure of it.


You also can be infactuated with someone which means you have a crush on them. If you do not know someone very well and have feelings for them then more than likely it is purely attraction and infactuation. When two people spend time getting to know each other and as they grow closer they will somtimes learn from each other deep inner thoughts and feelings. They share their hopes and dreams. Often times this is also when they share their secrets that they have not told other people. The greatest thing about two people growing close like this is communication. If two people can talk about everything and share many of the same hopes and dreams that creates a bond and also creates intimacy.


You see intimacy is not just a physical thing. It is also in how close we allow people into our lives and ourselves. Every person has something to hide. However the closer you become to another individual the more readily you are willing to reveal what is inside of you. Its also a matter of trust. Without trust true intimacy and love are difficult to acheive.


As many of the above people have mentioned even with what I have said love is definately differant for each person. However, it is possible to fall in love more than once. Each time you fall in love will be differant. You do not really fall out of love with someone you just change your perspective of them and the feelings wax and wane. In a relationship that lasts there will be lulls. That is something that many people do not understand. Love in a relationship is not always exciting. It has cycles just like life.


I hope that this gives you some more ideas to think about at least.


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