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Apple And Intel? UHH WTH??


Yeah with new Dual Core Processors, Laptops by Apple are working up to 53% (!) faster it's realy amazing!


if i remember right it was stated that the machines will stay around the same price range as they are still going out of house to have the processor created, the reason for such cheap pc's is because there are so many manufacturer's out there and variations that they can keep building for cheaper and cheaper. Where as with Macs it is the complete opposite.Nice to see them going mainstream just hope it doesn't break their infrastructure.


Uh?, Really? Yeah, thats bossible. *going to google*And what found: Next iMac may have Intel's cpu tech.If I have to choose cpu produser, i would take AMD!!! But maybe Macs are not gameputers.Amd win Intel in gaming, but Intel win amd in "normal" use


yes and actually they already have systems available in the market bearing their products


I heard of tha INtEL MAc thing also but the thing taht nobody mentioned yet is that it would be teh first machione to Run MAc and Windows..... kin of Dual Boot not dUAL cORE BUT dual Boot so when it boots up you pick up the one you want to run.... but few weeks after Ive Heard that idea it seems like that DUla Boot would not work after because of a certain component taht Windows Needs To intall because i think that most of u people klnow that Windows need the BIOS to start seems like it would be missing ..... But i am having a hard time with this one this would be more like Microsoft Intel and Mac since we will be able to Boot up Windows VIsta ? Anyway i dont know The SPECS of that machine .... anyone has it ? ..... I would like to see it like this.....3 Ghz , Dual Core, 500 GB Hard Drive 64 Bit processor..... Combo Drive 40X REad and 40 BURN for DVD Double Layer..... DVD RW DVD R and CD "X".... anyway what would be you people guess of how would it be like ??


Recently my freind told me the apple and intel are offically working together? IS THIS TRUE AND IF SO WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!

It is true.......

I am kind disapointed about that actually..

Why dont they use AMD instead? Intel sux

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