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What Free Software Do We Need On Our Computer? free software....


windows server pack 2windows media player 10flashgetMSN MessengerYahoo Messengeranti viruskazaaovernetbitcometwinmxicqdirectx 9cwinrar


nero pc-cillin 2005winrarwmp 10firefoxdreamweaver (for webmasters)


umm...lots of free software to download :Pfirefox browers seriesstardockoffice,readergrafics designing toolsmaybe some skin of software or os


Id say.. MSN for talking to friendsAd-aware to get rid of spywareShockwave/Flashplayer for flash or gamesAdobe Photoshop for graphics(never tried gimp yet)Firefox internetThunderbird mailand iTunes for mp3


video/audio codec.download programmedia playeranti virus


I dont personnaly use freeware - because its usually tacky software that companies use for testing. And they are unstable.But the good freeware applications i know are:GIMPPaint.NetVisual Basic - C, .Net, C#, J#, J+, C++, and more (<-- Those are just ace!)Notepad++Ad-Aware SE PersonalWS_FTP and CORE FTPPHP and APACHE serverGood list but i think thats all


Hi all, Great topic. Without doubt the internet is full of great free open source programs. In the hey day of the net one could get just about anything free. Then the internet crash left us with way less options. I remember free faxing,free internet services, free everything. You could start a business for little or no overhead and thrive. For a long time I thought that those days were gone forever. Well thanks to open source I have more free programs than ever. While free services may be less the free programs are most certainly better. I have managed to start a business with open source programs and grow it. I design sites. I started with Open Office the free full office utility that is better that Microsoft Office in my opinion. I could make great craigslist ads and good HTML pages. Using some slide shows and such I could make a very decent site with Open Office. I still use it on certain projects. I love the image map feature. Its lets you make hot spots (links on specific areas of any image. You can in theory make any image or set of images a website. For quick good looking ads it is the best.Then of course I moved on to Joomla. A totally free web site building and management tool that is used on the server. I found this exciting as my sites were all client side made (made on my computer then sent FTP to the server). The idea of building the site on the server with such a powerful tool was amazing to me. Best of all it was a free program and hundreds of others just like it are out there. The demand for Joomla designers and development is an industry in itself.Who would not want a copy of Photoshop free? The Gimp is one of the best image tools in the world with options and features similar to the Adobe product. It may even have more options. With the python installed Gimp can do even more. The best for me is the gradient tint tool that gives so many sites a great modern look. I have made all Gimp image sites and they stand up to Photoshop in every way. Steep learning curve but unlike Photoshop you have a user base support of millions and tutorials, plug-ins all free. The best. Great post. I love talking about the programs that started my new business and paid for all my new toys like Adobe CS3 Master Collection. Need a new job. Be a web designer and developer. All your start up tools are free and so are the classes if you know where to look. My tip; Try Photoscape. It is open source and with some creative thinking you can do just about the same as Photoshop and Gimp (exception would be vector graphics). The key element with this program is no learning curve. It's simple to use but powerful enough to make money with. That says it all.


audio/ video codecsAVG for antivirusthis ones are the most important software to install first


Freeware software I use:Windows:open office (Office alternative)Miranda IM or Pidgin (Instant Message)AVG Free (Anti-virus)thunderbird (email)Firefox / Google Chrome (Internet browser)celtx (Scriptwriting)Audacity (basic recording)Kristal Audio Engine (Multi-track recording)GIMP (Image editing)Picasa (photo management)Quintessential Media Player (QMP/QCD)Google Desktop (Searching)and some freeware gamesMac:Neo office (Office suite)Adium (instant message)Camino/firefox (Web Browser)Cog (Media Player)Celtx (Scriptwriting)Google Desktop (Searching and indexing)Thunderbird (email)Smultron (HTML editing)VLC (Media Playback)Virtual Box (PC emulation)Stuffit expander (archiving)Onyx (Utility)Thats most of the free software I use.


instead of firefox, in my winXP, i am using IE7., most of firefox feature already have in ie7 addon suc as ie7Pro


I use Firefox, Internet Explorer 8.Windows:Microsoft Office 2000Firefox 3Internet Explorer 8 (incase Firefox crashes and doesn't load)Photoshop CS3ImageReadyWindows Media PlayerAnd any other programs you want. -Sky


I see that AVG Antivirus has been mentioned. DON'T GET IT! It's awful! Comodo Anti-Virus is better than most commercial Anti-viruses and it's free!Graphics Gale is a great alternative to any pixel art program like Paint.


well, there is a free alternative to office, which is compatible with its formats called open office
this can be found at
This can run quite slowly, but if you want free stuff, this is the best aternative to buying office.

Then, if you're into programming, i would download the evauation version of textpad, its not atall cutdown, and you can use it for as long as you want, without buying it.
find that at

Then if youre looking for a free antivirus, get AVG free, youll have to download antivirus, and antispyware, but you dont have to pay for it, and it even seems to get rid of things like messenger viruses

I would recomend getting the newest meesenger, because it comes with other software like windows live mail - a mail application, which works with multiple accounts, which i have found to be as good as outlook
that will be at

want an icon or cursor editor, go to
there are many free tools for cursor, image and icon editing ect.

Also, you should go to http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/ and have your operating system verified as genuine, you can then get LOTS of free software, like document viewers for the new MS office files, and world wide telescope ect.

You should also look at he google pack, you probably wont want all of it, but you can select what you want, and some of it is quite good. Youll get star office free with that - (thats the pay version of open office)
find that at https://www.google.de/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=eUUsVMSaJsqH8QeZ-4HQBg&gws_rd=ssl

There is other google software you could get like
- google chrome
- google sketchup
- google web accelerator
they have loads of software for download which is very good just search the softwares name in goofle.

Internet running slowly?
Why, google web accellerator of course.

and finally we come to the software that is virtually essential for using the innternet
flash player - http://www.adobe.com/downloads.html
java - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/indexes/downloads/index.html
acrobat reader - http://www.adobe.com/downloads.html


heres my top ten that you can get for free1. Opera Web Browser2. Pigin Instant Messenger (all mesengers in one)3. Microsoft Office 20074. AVG 8.0 Professional Anti-Virus5. Limewire6. Total Video Converter7. Replay Media Catcher8. ConvertX to DVD 39. ISO Ultra10. Folder Lock 6.0


Ooooooh, you need WinRAR or 7-zip to extract compressed files... you need PowerISO or any other virtual manager to create/mount .ISOs......DirectX9/10 for the latest games.......AVG Anti-virus to you know, get rid of viruses.......Google Desktop because it is pretty......get the VistaVG ultimate theme to get the Vista look without using much RAM.......Acrobat Adobe to view .PDF files.........Windows Media Player to watch mpeg, mp3, avi, etc. files........I think the other people got the rest...=)


I could really use a Photoshop like picture editor for my Mac. CS2 is the only one that works, and I don't have the mney for it. I have to get other people do do all my graphics, whether it's a banner or a color change.Seeing as I have Office, I don't need it, but I would need a free type of it if I didn't get it for so cheap.


Microsoft Office 2000Firefox 3
Internet Explorer 8 (incase Firefox crashes and doesn't load)
Photoshop CS3
Windows Media Player

You might want to double check your math there. You see he asked for free applications, and last time I checked the prices of Photoshop and Microsoft office are greater than free.

I could really use a Photoshop like picture editor for my Mac. CS2 is the only one that works, and I don't have the mney for it.

You could check out Gimp. It's a free alternative, and it can do everything photoshop amateurs can do in photoshop. There are plenty of features that photoshop has that Gimp doesn't, but those features aren't known by the average user.


1. Autostart and Process Viewer(APV) : To monitor and control all processes and startup entries running on your system.


2. Opera Browser and Firefox browsers : To be able to surf the internet safely with best web experience...


3. Avira AnitVir Personal : Light weight Antivirus to protect from viruses and malware...


4. Ashampoo Firewall Free : Very light firewall to protect our computer from unwanted connections and attacks.


5. Eclipse IDE : Best IDE for Java and other programming developers...


6. Open Office : A free and best alternative to MS Office.


7. VLC Media Player : To be able to play all media files without downloading any other codecs.


8. Utorrent : To download torrents files...


9. Adobe Reader: To read pdf files


10. WAMP Server : For PHP Developers(most of us)...


All of the above are free...

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