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And The Fight Goes On... This Is Getting Beyond Ridiculous

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This is really ridiculous. Apple and Samsung should stop suing each other and concentrate on bringing more innovation in their products. A slimmer phone or a larger screen are not good enough reasons for buying a new phone that hardly does anything new! Although these are breakthroughs in engineering, to the average user they do not mean much, unless their work is simplified greatly. Isn't it true that Apple trades with Samsung for a few parts of the iPhone? Why then would it keep suing Samsung? And Samsung, which is well-known for having me-too approach to product design, has to really think twice before counter-suing Apple. A lot of time and money is being wasted in these meaningless battles. Wouldn't it be nice if the two companies dropped these allegations against each other and spent the money for some new product features instead? I might not be a tech expert but I guess the next big changes in technology are just around the corner, and if these two giants keep fighting each other, someone else might silently come out with the next innovation and these two will be left wondering what hit them!

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