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Cuban Olympic Champion Passes Away

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A huge loss has occurred in the field of sports as Cuban boxer and three time heavyweight champion,Teofilo Stevenson died of a heart disease at the age of 60.


Stevenson has achieved remarkable laurels in sports, with his first gold medal in Munich in the year 1972,and then at Montreal in 1976.The third gold come to him at Moscow in 1980. He is the second athlete in his forte to have attained the credit of three gold medals at separate games.


Stevenson was fondly known as "Pirolo" and was known best for his mastery over the skills of the game. He was born on the 29th of March,1952,in an eastern region of Cuba, Las Tunas.He started to Show strong signs of sportsmanship at the age of 14 and at an early age of 16,he won his first international title in the Central and Caribbean Championship.


Stevenson grabbed his first world title in 1974,followed by victories in 1978 and 1986,he could not but had to let go the opportunity of obtaining his fourth gold medal, when Cuba did not have participation at the Los Angeles games in 1984.In 1988,when Cuba kept at length from Seoul Olympics also,Stevenson made up his mind and announced his retirement.


As a true Cuban, he never turned his back on the ideals of communism in his country, for which he had to forgo a fortune of millions.Earlier in January, he was hospitalised for having trouble with an artery near the heart.Carrying on with his love for boxing, Stevenson was associated with the boxing federation of the country as the Vice President.


Along with Cuba, the whole world is mourning the loss of the legend who not only was brilliant in the game but also a pure Cuban at heart.



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